Timehri residents plead for Govt’s assistance as main access road continues to deteriorate

By on January 12, 2020

first_imgAs the rainy season arrives, residents of Alliance Road, Timehri, East Bank Demerara (EBD) including hundreds of children have to traverse the deplorable access road which they have been calling for authorities to fix for the past several years.The deplorable state of Alliance Road, Timehri, EBDThe condition of the access road has deteriorated over the years and although several attempts were made to get it properly rehabilitated by the past and present Administrations, the residents are once again forced to live with the reality as well as their fear that the road will not be done in their lifetime.After the Government changed in 2015, several residents took time out to visit Communities Minister Ronald Bulkan with the aim of getting the road fixed, but the situation remained the same.Initially, the Minister reportedly told the residents that the road fell under the Public Infrastructure Ministry, but after contact was made with Public Infrastructure Minister David Paterson, the residents were told it was the Communities Ministry that dealt with neighbourhood roads.In fact when contacted, Minister Patterson explained that his Ministry was responsible for declared public roads and some main access roads. “I have been assisting the region and town councils quite a bit, but not all these roads are under my Ministry,” he stated.Attempts to get a comment from Communities Minister Bulkan proved futile.However, in order to use the road, residents pool their monies and pay for it to be graded on a regular basis, as after some time, it returns to its former state. Vehicle owners are constantly greeted with additional costs to repair their vehicles as a result of the damage incurred owing to the state of the road.As such, the residents are renewing their calls to the relevant authorities to assist them in their plight in the hope of getting the road rehabilitated.last_img read more

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