UK employers must inspire staff to encourage progress

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first_imgUK employers must inspire staff to encourage progressOn 30 Oct 2001 in Personnel Today Previous Article Next Article Comments are closed. Toomany UK employers don’t inspire their workforce or encourage the development ofnew ideas among staff.Researchconducted among 300 members of staff and 200 employers concludes that companyculture and attitudes in the UK inhibit the development of new ideas andentrepreneurship.Thestudy finds that more than nine out of 10 office workers feel uninspired bytheir employers.Nearlyhalf of office workers think ideas from outside the boardroom are not given anyweight and a third believe someone else will take the credit for their idea ifit is implemented.Thestudy by Office Angels shows three out of 10 employees feel inhibited aboutmentioning new ideas because they are scared of sounding stupid or generallyfeel intimidated by senior staff.Incontrast, more than 90 per cent of employers say they are open to businessimprovement suggestions and would think favourably of employees who speak upand offer ideas.  However,two-thirds of employers admit they could make it easier for employees toapproach them with ideas and implement methods to encourage and reward thosewho do so.PaulJacobs, director of corporate development at Office Angels, commented,”Businesses potentially hold the answer to their own growth and successwithin their own ranks. “Employersshould consider ways of creating a forum for bright ideas to be aired, byadopting an ‘open door’ culture and encouraging the flow of information andinitiatives from the bottom and up through the ranks.” Thesurvey finds that more than two-thirds of staff believe that a “closeddoor” approach to sharing ideas can lower office morale, making staff lesscommitted to their employer. Jacobsadded, “Enabling staff to share their ideas makes them feel part of thebigger picture, ultimately making them more motivated and loyal to thebusiness.” Morethan half of those surveyed admit they would not think twice about taking their”entrepreneurial spirit” to a company that would allow them to getmore involved in the direction of the business.ByBen Willmott Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more

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2010 Fifa World Cup squads: Group D

By on December 19, 2019

first_imgThe final 23 players for the 32 squads competing in South Africa’s 2010 Fifa World Cup were announced after the deadline for confirmed teams passed on 1 June. Get the low-down on the 736 footballers who will be battling it out for the sport’s biggest trophy from 11 June to 11 July.More statistics on the 32 teams  2010 FIFA WORLD CUP: FIRST STAGE GROUPS Group A South Africa Mexico Uruguay FranceGroup B Argentina Nigeria South Korea GreeceGroup C England USA Algeria SloveniaGroup D Germany Australia Serbia GhanaGroup E Netherlands Denmark Japan CameroonGroup F Italy Paraguay New Zealand SlovakiaGroup G Brazil North Korea Côte d’Ivoire PortugalGroup H Spain Switzerland Honduras Chile GROUP DGERMANY Coach: Joachim Löw # Position Player Date of Birth Caps Club 1GoalkeeperManuel Neuer27 March 1986 (aged 24)3Schalke2DefenderMarcell Jansen4 November 1985 (aged 24)30Hamburg3DefenderArne Friedrich29 May 1979 (aged 31)70Hertha Berlin4DefenderDennis Aogo14 January 1987 (aged 23)1Hamburg5DefenderSerdar Tasci24 April 1987 (aged 23)11Stuttgart6MidfielderSami Khedira4 April 1987 (aged 23)3Stuttgart7MidfielderBastian Schweinsteiger1 August 1984 (aged 25)74Bayern Munich8MidfielderMesut Özil15 October 1988 (aged 21)8Werder Bremen9ForwardStefan Kießling25 January 1984 (aged 26)4Bayer Leverkusen10ForwardLukas Podolski4 June 1985 (aged 25)71Köln11ForwardMiroslav Klose9 June 1978 (aged 32)94Bayern Munich12GoalkeeperTim Wiese17 December 1981 (aged 28)2Werder Bremen13ForwardThomas Müller13 September 1989 (aged 20)1Bayern Munich14DefenderHolger Badstuber13 March 1989 (aged 21)0Bayern Munich15MidfielderPiotr Trochowski22 March 1984 (aged 26)29Hamburg16DefenderPhilipp Lahm (captain)11 November 1983 (aged 26)64Bayern Munich17DefenderPer Mertesacker29 September 1984 (aged 25)60Werder Bremen18MidfielderToni Kroos4 January 1990 (aged 20)2Bayer Leverkusen19ForwardCacau27 March 1981 (aged 29)6Stuttgart20DefenderJérôme Boateng3 September 1988 (aged 21)4Hamburg21MidfielderMarko Marin13 March 1989 (aged 21)7Werder Bremen22GoalkeeperHans-Jörg Butt28 May 1974 (aged 36)3Bayern Munich23ForwardMario Gómez10 July 1985 (aged 24)32Bayern MunichAUSTRALIA Coach: Pim Verbeek # Position Player Date of Birth Caps Club 1GoalkeeperMark Schwarzer6 October 1972 (aged 37)73Fulham2DefenderLucas Neill (captain)9 March 1978 (aged 32)54Galatasaray3DefenderCraig Moore12 December 1975 (aged 34)48Unattached4MidfielderTim Cahill6 December 1979 (aged 30)38Everton5MidfielderJason Culina5 August 1980 (aged 29)47Gold Coast United6DefenderMichael Beauchamp8 March 1981 (aged 29)20Al-Jazira7MidfielderBrett Emerton22 February 1979 (aged 31)72Blackburn Rovers8DefenderLuke Wilkshire1 October 1981 (aged 28)40Dynamo Moscow9ForwardJoshua Kennedy20 August 1982 (aged 27)17Nagoya Grampus10ForwardHarry Kewell22 September 1978 (aged 31)45Galatasaray11DefenderScott Chipperfield30 December 1975 (aged 34)63Basel12GoalkeeperAdam Federici31 January 1985 (aged 25)1Reading13MidfielderVince Grella5 October 1979 (aged 30)43Blackburn Rovers14ForwardBrett Holman27 March 1984 (aged 26)30AZ15MidfielderMile Jedinak3 August 1984 (aged 25)10Antalyaspor16MidfielderCarl Valeri14 August 1984 (aged 25)20Sassuolo17ForwardNikita Rukavytsya22 June 1987 (aged 22)3Roeselare18GoalkeeperBrad Jones19 March 1982 (aged 28)2Middlesbrough19MidfielderRichard Garcia4 September 1981 (aged 28)5Hull City20DefenderMark Milligan4 September 1985 (aged 24)10JEF United21DefenderDavid Carney3 November 1983 (aged 26)24Twente22MidfielderDario Vidošić12 April 1987 (aged 23)5MSV Duisburg23MidfielderMark Bresciano11 February 1980 (aged 30)53PalermoSERBIA Coach: Radomir Antić # Position Player Date of Birth Caps Club 1GoalkeeperVladimir Stojković29 July 1983 (aged 26)30Wigan Athletic2DefenderAntonio Rukavina26 January 1984 (aged 26)191860 Munich3DefenderAleksandar Kolarov10 November 1985 (aged 24)10Lazio4MidfielderGojko Kačar26 January 1987 (aged 23)15Hertha Berlin5DefenderNemanja Vidić21 October 1981 (aged 28)44Manchester United6DefenderBranislav Ivanović22 February 1984 (aged 26)29Chelsea7MidfielderZoran Tošić28 April 1987 (aged 23)18Köln8ForwardDanko Lazović17 May 1983 (aged 27)34Zenit Saint Petersburg9ForwardMarko Pantelić15 September 1978 (aged 31)29Ajax10MidfielderDejan Stanković (captain)11 September 1978 (aged 31)86Internazionale11MidfielderNenad Milijaš30 April 1983 (aged 27)15Wolverhampton Wanderers12GoalkeeperBojan Isailović25 March 1980 (aged 30)3Zagłębie Lubin13DefenderAleksandar Luković23 October 1982 (aged 27)19Udinese14MidfielderMilan Jovanović18 April 1981 (aged 29)24Standard Liège15ForwardNikola Žigić25 September 1980 (aged 29)42Valencia16DefenderIvan Obradović25 July 1988 (aged 21)10Real Zaragoza17MidfielderMiloš Krasić1 November 1984 (aged 25)29CSKA Moscow18MidfielderMiloš Ninković25 December 1984 (aged 25)7Dynamo Kiev19MidfielderRadosav Petrović8 March 1989 (aged 21)6Partizan20DefenderNeven Subotić10 December 1988 (aged 21)10Borussia Dortmund21ForwardDragan Mrđa23 January 1984 (aged 26)3Vojvodina22MidfielderZdravko Kuzmanović22 September 1987 (aged 22)25Stuttgart23GoalkeeperAnđelko Đuričić21 November 1980 (aged 29)0União LeiriaGHANA Coach: Milovan Rajevac # Position Player Date of Birth Caps Club 1GoalkeeperDaniel Adjei10 November 1989 (aged 20)2Liberty Professionals2DefenderHans Sarpei28 June 1976 (aged 33)23Bayer Leverkusen3ForwardAsamoah Gyan22 November 1985 (aged 24)32Rennes4DefenderJohn Paintsil15 June 1981 (aged 28)65Fulham5DefenderJohn Mensah29 November 1982 (aged 27)58Sunderland6MidfielderAnthony Annan21 July 1986 (aged 23)38Rosenborg7DefenderSamuel Inkoom22 August 1989 (aged 20)15Basel8DefenderJonathan Mensah13 July 1990 (aged 19)19Free State Stars9MidfielderDerek Boateng2 April 1983 (aged 27)19Getafe10MidfielderStephen Appiah (captain)24 December 1980 (aged 29)56Bologna11MidfielderSulley Muntari27 August 1984 (aged 25)52Internazionale12ForwardPrince Tagoe9 November 1986 (aged 23)17Hoffenheim13MidfielderAndré Ayew17 December 1989 (aged 20)15Arles-Avignon14ForwardMatthew Amoah24 October 1980 (aged 29)31NAC15DefenderIsaac Vorsah21 June 1988 (aged 21)6Hoffenheim16GoalkeeperStephen Ahorlu10 May 1989 (aged 21)0Heart of Lions17DefenderAbdul Rahim Ayew16 April 1988 (aged 22)15Zamalek18ForwardDominic Adiyiah29 November 1989 (aged 20)4Milan19DefenderLee Addy26 September 1985 (aged 24)3BechemChelsea20MidfielderQuincy Owusu-Abeyie15 April 1986 (aged 24)12Al-Sadd21MidfielderKwadwo Asamoah9 September 1988 (aged 22)29Udinese22GoalkeeperRichard Kingson13 June 1978 (aged 31)58Wigan Athletic23MidfielderKevin-Prince Boateng6 March 1987 (aged 23)0PortsmouthPREVIOUS: GROUP C << • >> NEXT: GROUP Elast_img read more

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Zakumi: spirit of South Africa 2010

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first_imgHe’s a fluffy young leopard with green dreadlocks and a wide smile; he’s energetic, enthusiastic, sociable, self-confident and ambitious – and he loves football. Meet Zakumi, the official mascot for the 2010 Fifa World Cup™.For 40 years, each Fifa World Cup tournament has had its own unique mascot. The first was a lion called World Cup Willie, the mascot for the 1966 event, hosted by England.Fifa and the South Africa 2010 Local Organising Committee (LOC) have given the 2010 mascot a distinct personality and personal history. “One thing is for sure, Zakumi will be first on the dancefloor and last off it at the biggest party in the world,” Fifa says on its website. “He symbolizes South Africa and the rest of the African continent through his self-confidence, pride, hospitality, social skills and warm-heartedness.”Born on 16 June 1994The name “Zakumi” is a composition of “ZA” (South Africa’s international country code) and “kumi”, a ki-Swahili word that means 10. Since South Africa aims to make 2010 a truly African World Cup, the LOC decided to use a word from a language widely spoken across the continent.Another detail worth noting is that Zakumi was born on 16 June 1994, a day and a year of great significance in South Africa.The 16th of June 1976 saw the beginning of the Soweto youth uprising, when schoolchildren took to the streets to protest against apartheid, many of them cut down by police gunfire.And 1994 was the year that South Africans of all races cast their votes for the first time to elect a new post-apartheid democratic government.“The big party is in 2010, when Zakumi turns 16, but we will also have had 16 years of democracy then,” says LOC chief executive Danny Jordaan said. Zakumi is therefore “the ambassador for all our hopes, dreams and aspirations in South Africa.”‘Mascot with an attitude’With the slogan “Zakumi: the mascot with an attitude”, Fifa describe Zakumi’s personality as lively, outgoing, adventurous and spontaneous – a “shrewd little fellow”.They say he loves to perform and always follows his instinct and intuition, and has the tendency to exaggerate.But, say Fifa, there is one thing that’s undeniable about Zakumi: he loves football. He sees it as a great way connect with others and break down language barriers.As a sign of his undying passion for the game, he always carries his football around, using it to invite people to play with him.Zakumi’s main priority, says Fifa, is to turn the World Cup into “one huge, joyful and unforgettable party and show the thousands of international guests the warmth and spirit of the African continent.”South African soccer legend Lucas Radebe, “a close friend of Zakumi”, says the leopard “wants to create a good mood for the fans and raise the excitement for the 2010 Fifa World Cup, the first on African soil.“He is a proud South African and wants to ensure that the world will come together in South Africa.”Designed and dressed in South AfricaZakumi was designed and his costume produced exclusively in South Africa.A number of South African companies were asked to design a mascot for the 2010 World Cup, one that would represent both South Africa and Africa as a whole. The mascot had to be easily identifiable and had to represent the World Cup in a way that would leave a lasting impression.After a long process of elimination, Fifa decided on a design by Cape Town designer Andries Odendaal.The costume itself was produced by Cora’s Costumes of Boksburg, east of Johannesburg. Owned by Cora Simpson, the company has 22 years of experience in costume making, and has made other high-profile costumes, such as the US cartoon figures Bugs Bunny and Tweety the bird.The man behind the actual creation of the figure is David Mbewe, who has worked with Cora’s Costumes for over 20 years. After meticulously choosing the right mix of fabrics and colours, Mbewe and his assistants assembled the costume, sewing the leopard spots by hand – no easy task, Simpson said.A well-travelled leopardAnd the green hair? According to Fifa, Zakumi dyed his hair “as he felt it would be the perfect camouflage against the green of the football pitch; a bit like his rosette spots are when hunting in the wilderness!”Zakumi has got around a fair bit over the past few years, Fifa adds, travelling the whole of Africa “where the leopard habitat is good – pretty much everywhere from open savannahs, forests, jungles to mountainous areas, even deserts.“He has therefore learned to adapt to new environments; enjoying the diversity in nature and people across the African continent.”Since being unveiled as the 2010 World Cup mascot in September 2008, however, Zakumi has become a regular globe-trotter.He’s ridden on an open-top bus through Luxembourg, he’s joined Spain’s national team at a training session in Brussels ahead of a 2010 qualifying match against Belgium, and of course he’s been visiting every corner of South Africa to generate excitement ahead of the first World to be played on African soil.Don’t be surprised if he pops up in your neighbourhood next …Fifa.com video: The legend of ZakumiFifa.com Zakumi wallpaper 1 (800 x 600)Fifa.com Zakumi wallpaper 1 (1024 x 768)Fifa.com Zakumi wallpaper 1 (1280 x 1024)Fifa.com Zakumi wallpaper 2 (800 x 600)Fifa.com Zakumi wallpaper 2 (1024 x 768)Fifa.com Zakumi wallpaper 2 (1280 x 1024)SAinfo reporter and MediaClubSouthAfrica.comWould you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See: Using SAinfo materiallast_img read more

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Big China Eastern boost for Australia

By on December 18, 2019

first_imgChina Eastern Airlines will significantly expand its Australian footprint to  58 weekly services over the Christmas-New Year holiday period  as it moves to take advantage of a 23 per cent growth this year  in the number of Chinese visitors heading Downunder.The carrier, which this month introduced Boeing 777-300ERs to the Australian market, said Wednesday it would be serving six mainland Chinese cities from Sydney. The six cities are its home town of Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beijing, Kunming, Nanjing and Wuhan.The increased footprint comes from a mix of new and seasonal services and coincides with the airline’s 60th anniversary as well as a celebration of two decades of non-stop flying to Australia.The new routes include Sydney to Hangzhou , which began on November 16,  and Sydney  to Kunming which launches Thursday with an official function in Sydney.Still to come is  Brisbane – Shanghai on December 17 as well as Sydney- Beijing as a codeshare with alliance partner Qantas and Sydney-Wuhan, both in January. In addition, airline will  boost its Melbourne to Shanghai service to double daily flights over the holiday season between November and February and move its four-times weekly Brisbane-Shanghai service to a daily frequency over the same period. Sydney flights to Shanghai also get a boost to double daily over the holiday season.China Eastern general manager Oceania Kathy Zhang said the airline would add an additional 3003 seats a week between Australia and China.“China is Australia’s largest source for tourists and China Eastern Airlines is geared up to service this demand.’’ Ms Zhang said. “Our investment in new routes demonstrates CEA’s commitment to extending Australia’s tourism footprint to important secondary cities in mainland China.“It deepens global business opportunities, as reflected by the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA), provides greater connectivity for passengers and directly connects two of the world’s most respectful cultures, acting as a gateway for Australia to the globe.’’The new Boeing 777-300ERs on Shanghai services from Melbourne and Sydney offer  a three-class configuration with a total seating capacity of 316 seats. The aircraft is outfitted with six first class open suites, 52 flatbed business class seats and 258 standard economy seats.  All seats across each class on flights to Australia to China are equipped with personal TV, Wi-Fi and AC power ports.Tourism Australia lists China as Australia’s most valuable market, with Chinese visitors spending more than $A7.7 billion annually and that figure expected to rise to $A13 billion by 2020.But Chinese airlines have also been pitching themselves as a new way for Australians to access markets such as Europe.China Eastern serves nearly 94 million travellers annually and ranks among the world’s top 5 airlines in terms of passenger transportation volume by the end of 2015.  It is a member of the SkyTeam  global alliance, which gives its access  to 1052 cities in 177 countries as well as a global network of lounges.last_img read more

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Ohio agriculture looking for options and increased flexibility as rains continue

By on December 17, 2019

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Yesterday, Ohio’s commodity groups penned a joint letter to Secretary Sonny Perdue, asking for previsions to allow planting and normal harvest, including making silage and baleage, and grazing of forage crops/cover crops on prevent plant acreage for 2019 without penalty and without date restrictions. They also asked the Secretary to allow harvest, that includes making silage and baleage, and grazing of forages on CRP ground and all eligible acres for 2019 without penalty and date restrictions.These groups also met with Director Pelanda at the Ohio Department of Agriculture, Leonard Hubert, Ohio State Executive Director of USDA Farm Service Agency and Governor DeWine’s staff to discuss how and when a Secretarial Disaster Declaration can be made and what benefit it might provide to our farmers who have been affected by the most challenging planting season on record. Here is the letter.Dear Secretary Perdue: The planting struggles taking place in Ohio this year are well documented. As representatives of Ohio’s agricultural community we are appreciative of the attention that this issue is being given, but we would implore you to provide even clearer guidance on what our farmers can expect long term while also addressing short term solutions that may provide needed relief.Because eligibility for trade assistance payments hinges on plantings in 2019, farmers are having to consider not only potential returns from late-planted crops, but also trade assistance payments, potential disaster aid and prevent plant coverage under crop insurance. Many of our farmers across the state are uncertain how to proceed and are requesting more details so they can make informed business decisions. We fully support the additional questions raised from our respective national organizations as well and ask for additional clarity as soon as possible.With Ohio at 50% planted corn and 32% planted soybeans as of the June 10th planting report, it is a stark reminder of the historical planting struggles being faced by so many farmers. Unfortunately, it is not just an issue of short-term planting struggles, but we also wanted to bring to your attention to the rapidly emerging livestock feed crisis for farmers across many parts of Ohio. Our dairy and livestock sectors are reporting a very serious forage and feed shortage for this year due to: • Significant hay winterkill this winter.• In areas that weren’t winterkilled, there has been very poor harvest conditions over the last several weeks during the normal window for 1st cutting hay harvest, and much of that is now past its peak quality and still unharvested.• Many of those same farms that lost or can’t harvest their hay due to excessive rain, also can’t plant corn for silage, oats, or other feed crops, and many of those acres will likely be prevented plant.Significant acres of corn potentially will be prevented plant this year. This presents both an economic as well as a conservation issue. As our farmers have worked diligently to incorporate conservation practices on their fields, leaving these acres bare could marginalize their good work by creating a scenario of increased sediment and nutrient run-off. A solution to address both the livestock feed and environmental challenges is that many of those prevented plant crop acres could be planted to forages for harvest. However, administrative action is needed to allow this to happen. We are asking you to make the following provisions, immediately:• Allow planting and normal harvest, that includes making silage and baleage, and grazing of forage crops/cover crops on prevent plant acreage for 2019 without penalty and without date restrictions.•  Allow harvest, that includes making silage and baleage, and grazing of forages on CRP ground and all eligible acres for 2019 without penalty and date restrictions. We are not asking for a permanent change but rather a one-time allowance due to the unprecedented weather challenges dairy and livestock farmers are facing across Ohio.Thank you for your consideration. This is a very time sensitive issue, and needs immediate attention, as farmers across our state are facing some of the most significant challenges they have endured in their entire farming careers. We are proud of the multi-generational history of Ohio agriculture and ask you to stand with us during their trying times.Elizabeth Harsh, Ohio Cattlemen’s Association.Tadd Nicholson, Ohio Corn & Wheat Growers AssociationScott Higgins, Ohio Dairy Producers AssociationAdam Sharp, Ohio Farm Bureau FederationBryan Humphreys, Ohio Pork ProducersJim Chakeres, Ohio Poultry AssociationKirk Merritt, Ohio Soybean AssociationChristopher Henney, Ohio AgriBusiness AssociationRoger High, Ohio Sheep Improvement Associationlast_img read more

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Geysir (powerful hot spring) – Geocache of the Week

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first_img SharePrint RelatedLearn something new on International EarthCache DaySeptember 12, 2017In “Geocaching Weekly Newsletter”Erfahre Neues über den Internationalen EarthCache-TagSeptember 12, 2017In “Deutsch”Aprende algo nuevo el Día Internacional del EarthCacheSeptember 12, 2017In “Español” Difficulty:2Terrain:1.5 Iceland has set itself apart as a highly sought-after destination for EarthCache connoisseurs. One might say the overall beauty of the island, with its many geological marvels, makes it one big EarthCache. The most favorited EarthCache in Iceland makes for a spectacular sight, being an explosive choice for Geocache of the Week. Location:IcelandN 64° 18.746′ W 020° 18.042′center_img Geysir – powerful hot spring, also known as The Great Geysir, has been active for approximately 10,000 years. The English term geyser derives from the old Norse verb geysa, which means “to gush.”Geysers erupt because the thermal water ascending through their channels boils at some depth below the surface. It is a breathtaking sight and the geological science behind it is fascinating.At about 23 m (75 ft) depth in Geysir’s infrastructure, the water is at 120°C (240°F) temperature and is in equilibrium with the pressure of the water above in the pipe, i.e. the weight of the water above counteracts the boiling below. At a depth of around 16 m (52 ft), the temperature of the water sometimes rises above boiling, seen as an increased disturbance on the surface.This turbulence can increase to the point where the water in the pipe above is elevated slightly, which sets off a chain reaction — the pressure decreases, which makes boiling possible further below the surface, flashing the water from the deepest recesses into a cloud of steam, pushing against the boiling water above it resulting in an eruption accompanied by a distinct noise.The water phase lasts only for a few minutes, while the steam phase is active for a considerably longer period of time. As the steam phase ends, the geyser’s deep channels have been drained of all water and it will take eight to ten hours for Geysir to refill.In recent years Geysir has been rather subdued, but the multiple smaller, more active geysers in the area make this a worthwhile visit to experience one of nature’s wonders.Continue to explore some of the most amazing geocaches around the world.Check out all of the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week,Share with your Friends:More EarthCacheGC1G4XZby Biggi_Hlast_img read more

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Liberals Tories unveil campaign slogans and contrasting pitches to voters

By on October 17, 2019

first_imgOTTAWA — Canadians will be asked this fall to choose between moving forward with the Liberals or getting ahead with the Conservatives.But while they both seem to be urging voters to go in the same direction — onward — the messages underlying the two main parties’ campaign slogans are very different.The ruling Liberals have settled on “Choose Forward” as their official campaign theme, part of their bid to cast the election as a choice between building on Justin Trudeau’s record of accomplishments or rolling back the clock to the era of Stephen Harper’s Conservatives.The Conservatives, meanwhile, have settled on “It’s time for you to get ahead,” with emphasis on the “you” — as opposed to the wealthy corporations and high-priced lobbyists whom Leader Andrew Scheer maintains have gotten ahead under the Trudeau government.Both parties have also released new national television and online ads that expound on their campaign themes.The Liberal ad shows a smiling Trudeau engaging with constituents in his working class Montreal riding of Papineau and delivering his campaign message while riding a transit bus.He talks about things he says the Liberals have done to help average Canadians, such as cutting taxes for the middle class, creating the Canada Child Benefit and tackling climate change — all things he notes the Conservatives have opposed.“The Conservatives like to say they’re for the people, but then they cut taxes for the wealthy and cut services for everybody else,” Trudeau says — a sly reference to the slogan employed by unpopular Ontario Premier Doug Ford, whom the Liberals are doing their level best to turn into an albatross for the federal Conservatives.The ad concludes with the prime minister facing the camera and saying that “in October we’ve got a choice to make — keep moving forward and build on the progress we’ve made, or go back to the politics of the Harper years. I’m for moving forward for everyone.”The ad is buttressed by a series of “stories” from individual Canadians talking about how they’ve benefited from various Liberal policies or why, in general, they support the ruling party.The Conservative ad features Scheer alone, talking into the camera about his plan for Canadians: “Lower the cost of living and leave more money in your pockets.”“I believe that Canadians across this country are so frustrated because they’re working so hard and they’re following all the rules, but they feel like they’re falling further and further behind or they’re barely getting by,” Scheer says.In a news release announcing the slogan, Scheer says it’s intended to draw a “sharp contrast” between who gets ahead under the Liberals and who will get ahead under a Conservative government.“We’ve seen who gets ahead under Trudeau. It’s billion-dollar companies and high-priced lobbyists like Loblaws who get generous handouts from hard-working taxpayers,” he says, referring to federal funding of up to $12 million to help the supermarket chain install more energy-efficient refrigerators.“It’s long-time corporate donors to the Liberal party like SNC-Lavalin, who Trudeau broke the law trying to protect from criminal prosecution.”Not to be left out of the moving onwards theme, the Green party is campaigning on the slogan: “Not Left. Not Right. Forward Together.”Signs for the fledgling People’s Party of Canada, meanwhile, are plastered with the phrase “Strong and Free.”The New Democratic Party, which has been using the lines “on your side” and “a new deal for people” in the run-up to the campaign, is set to reveal its official campaign slogan and its first ad next week.Trudeau has until Sept. 15 to call the election, which is scheduled for Oct. 21.Joan Bryden, The Canadian Presslast_img read more

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Finance Minister owed nearly half a million by TCIG

By on September 17, 2019

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 29 Jan 2015 – For years the current Finance Minister has not been receiving the right pension as a former Chief Minister and the PNP Administration has put forth legislation so that he is not only properly compensated going forward, but so that he also gets a lump sum payment of back monies owed. The debate on the Retiring Allowances (Legislative Service) (Special Provisions) Bill 2014 was a heated one as some members felt the bill lacked clarity and others believed the move, though likely justified would cause public outcry. A change in 2004 allowed Hon Washington Misick to be eligible for more money; the problem is that it was not automatic, he would have to apply and he did not. The period of service was adjusted; the time was reduced and eight new people, former Turks and Caicos parliamentarians and country leaders, became eligible including Washington Misick who had to meet three criteria: serve two full terms or eight years in the Legislature; be over 50 years old and retired from parliament. In the House of Assembly nowadays; there are three members who are former Chief Ministers; during debate it was revealed that each person is receiving a different figure for his pension but for the same service to his country. The AG explained, the provision allows the former Chief Ministers to get two thirds of the most current country leader’s salary as pension. The Attorney General, Rhondalee Knowles explained during her submission on the bill that there were increases for certain members of the House under an ‘Increase Ordinance’ which came in 2004 as well. Several members also raised the issue that there are long term civil servants who are in their views slighted by the system and not receiving just retirement benefits, yet their predicament has not resulted in any legislation from the government to make adjustments. Nonetheless, in the bill put forth it is exposed that Hon Misick is owed around $56,000 per year for seven and a half years because he has never received a pension as a former Chief Minister, only as former legislator. It means the country may have to pay Washington Missick nearly half a million dollars. Editorial: Listen to your Mama Seriously, Sixth Form registration begins at Clement Howell High Aug 15 Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:TCIG, washington misick TCI Premier Responds To Beaches’ Letter Announcing Closure Recommended for youlast_img read more

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