Huludao Falcon team launched combat exercises

March 14, 2017

in Liaoning, Huludao, people want to be able to build a professional team, so that people’s production and life more peace of mind. Badge gleaming, slogan, of great momentum, sonorous and forceful footsteps motorcycle drove quickly past 9 square neat uniform, valiant and heroic in bearing composed of more than 500 people……

recently, Liaoning Province, Huludao City Public Security Bureau set up the "Falcon" professional armed police patrol the ceremony at the Huludao peace square start to start the ceremony, by the city’s 9 special police, armed police patrol team composed of more than 500, the maintenance of stability at the sudden emergency, combat performance report.


team of superb skills, excellent skills, to show the public security team tenacious style and excellent quality, showing the iron public security presence, the scene constantly won applause. It is reported that this specialized armed patrol team in the province is the first to establish.

in recent years, the Huludao municipal public security work has made progress in the development of the obvious to people to maintain the stability of solid and effective, against regulation of outstanding performance, service achievements, economic and technological innovation team construction of regular and orderly solid. In order to improve the riot at the sudden ability level, to actively respond to the new situation and new problems, the Huludao Municipal Public Security Bureau organized the "Falcon" professional armed patrols. "Falcon" the team is on the "fight, prevention, management and control in the prevention and control of the further arrangement, is a rapid response team responsible for patrol prevention and disposal of sudden, violent, group events.

through professional training, the whole team can win people’s recognition, so that people pay attention to the overall strength of the team, a lot of natural advantages. Falcon will be a strong deterrent to criminal activities, the current crime street, Huludao become a solid steel line, which will undoubtedly enhance the safety of the masses, more city security.

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