A deep interpretation of the successful entrepreneurial model of the era of mass entrepreneurship

March 14, 2017

with the opening of the market and the change of people’s employment concept, nowadays, more and more people choose to start their own business. Today, I say two things, is the foundation of the era of mass entrepreneurship and success model. Now, there have been five or six million people each year China entrepreneurship has undergone tremendous changes, entrepreneurial base and base. This "public entrepreneurship" will directly lead to two changes.

"public business" means more people to start from zero to start. The prime minister saw this change, but the existing financial base is not enough, so the country is now promoting the reform of the basic financial system, the result is that all the chips + three new board".

with "chip + new three board, successful entrepreneurs will increase a, do not have to walk angels, A round, B round way. This will lead to a lot of changes, as the 1990 stock exchange just opened, but many people do not realize how this impact on entrepreneurship.

Second, the traditional industry and the Internet will be more closely fusion

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