UK employers must inspire staff to encourage progress

May 12, 2021

first_imgUK employers must inspire staff to encourage progressOn 30 Oct 2001 in Personnel Today Previous Article Next Article Comments are closed. Toomany UK employers don’t inspire their workforce or encourage the development ofnew ideas among staff.Researchconducted among 300 members of staff and 200 employers concludes that companyculture and attitudes in the UK inhibit the development of new ideas andentrepreneurship.Thestudy finds that more than nine out of 10 office workers feel uninspired bytheir employers.Nearlyhalf of office workers think ideas from outside the boardroom are not given anyweight and a third believe someone else will take the credit for their idea ifit is implemented.Thestudy by Office Angels shows three out of 10 employees feel inhibited aboutmentioning new ideas because they are scared of sounding stupid or generallyfeel intimidated by senior staff.Incontrast, more than 90 per cent of employers say they are open to businessimprovement suggestions and would think favourably of employees who speak upand offer ideas.  However,two-thirds of employers admit they could make it easier for employees toapproach them with ideas and implement methods to encourage and reward thosewho do so.PaulJacobs, director of corporate development at Office Angels, commented,”Businesses potentially hold the answer to their own growth and successwithin their own ranks. “Employersshould consider ways of creating a forum for bright ideas to be aired, byadopting an ‘open door’ culture and encouraging the flow of information andinitiatives from the bottom and up through the ranks.” Thesurvey finds that more than two-thirds of staff believe that a “closeddoor” approach to sharing ideas can lower office morale, making staff lesscommitted to their employer. Jacobsadded, “Enabling staff to share their ideas makes them feel part of thebigger picture, ultimately making them more motivated and loyal to thebusiness.” Morethan half of those surveyed admit they would not think twice about taking their”entrepreneurial spirit” to a company that would allow them to getmore involved in the direction of the business.ByBen Willmott Related posts:No related photos.last_img

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