May 3, 2021

first_imgFacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailShare We hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?IS IT TRUE we remember a time when the Evansville Courier and Press had a print room right here in Evansville? …since that printing press was silenced the Evansville Courier and Press is now printed in Louisville along with other Gannett Publishing owned newspapers?…that many people feel because of this arrangement, the quality of the local daily printed newspapers under Gannett Publishing control has seemly suffered over the last several years?  …we are also told because of Gannett’s realignment of publishing local daily news it has caused the loss of talented people with local connections?IS IT TRUE we are told that EPD Police Chief Billy Bolin and members of the FOP are beginning to discuss concerns of the rank and file at the EPD? …we give five (5) cheers to the City Council EPD liaison, Missy Mosby and Channel 25 news anchor, Brad Byrd for helping to bring both parties together?  …that reasonable people sit down and reason together?IS IT TRUE we hope that the people developing new downtown office space have taken into consideration the extremely high office vacancy rate that currently exists in downtown Evansville proper?IS IT TRUE the potential voters of Evansville better get ready to receive several well written political mailers during the next several weeks? …a spouse of a City Council candidate who received a copy of one of these political campaign mailers last week stated that this isn’t the person I married?IS IT TRUE we are told that Republicans are going to launch an all-out marketing blitz in an attempt to take control of the 2020 City Council?  …we are told that the Mayor’s marketing team is putting an extra emphasis on political Wards One (1), Ward Two (2) and At-Large City Council candidate Ron Beane?IS IT TRUE we are told that the race between Natalie Rascher (R) and Missy Mosby (D) in Ward Two (2) is turning into a political dog fight? …that Mayor Winnecke is trying to defeat 12-year Democratic incumbent Missy Mosby? …the 2nd Ward is Democratic? …we suggest on election night that you pop some popcorn and grab a cold beer and get ready for a long night watching the counting of votes in Ward Two (2)?IS IT TRUE we are told that an unset in Ward Three (3) may be in the making? …both candidates are well qualified? …at this point in the campaign, the Democrat is out working his Republican opponent? …we are told that the possibility of Ward Three (3) becoming Democratic once again is feasible?IS IT TRUE that City Council candidate Ben Trockman (D) mailer was sent out to everyone in the 1st Ward and it had a positive impact among potential voters?  …that Ben made reference to being paralyzed in a dirt bike accident in high school and stated: “there were times he wanted to give up”?  …he also stated, “I didn’t because that’s not who I am”?  …Ben’s opponent Tim O’Brien is working extremely hard?  …both candidates in this race are young, smart, energetic and personable? ..although Ward One (1) is a solid Republican district but we are told this race is becoming very competitive? …if Mr. Trockman defeats his Republican opponent, Tim O’Brien it will be the first time in 50 years that a Democrat will occupied this seat? …this definitely a race to watch?IS IT TRUE we are told that many patrons of Ellis Park are glad that Saratoga Racing  Group is no longer in charge of the direction of this historical track?   …we are also told that the patrons of Ellis Park are excited that the new owners of Ellis Park are doing some extensive updates to the interior decor of the main Club House?  …many patrons at Ellis Park are also glad that the new owners of Ellis Park decided to move to Kentucky instead of expanding an additional location in Louisiana?IS IT TRUE that Vanderburgh County GOP party chairman Wayne Parkes is president of Parkes Consulting firm?IS IT TRUE that our current “CCO MOLE” membership is now a 152 strong?  …because of our “Working Outside The Box” speakers series we have picked up 17 new ” CCO MOLES”? …  that five (5) “CCO MOLES” passed away during the last several years and we really miss them?Today’s “Readers Poll” question is:  Do you think that the Republicans will take control of the 2020 City Council?We are pleased to provide obituaries from area funeral homes at no cost.  We are also are pleased to announce that we are now providing news from all of the area High Schools. Please scroll down the paper and you shall see a complete listing of them.FOOTNOTES: This year’s awards luncheon will be held at Tropicana-Evansville Walnut rooms A and B. The registration begins at 11:30 am, the event officially starts at 12 noon on October 25, 2019.  The Keynote speaker will be announced later this week.Reservations for this event may be obtained by calling JIM KNAUFF at 812-457-1017. The deadline for registration is October 20, 2019. Last year’s event was a sellout.If you would like to advertise on the CCO please contact us at City-County [email protected] understand that sometimes people don’t always agree and discussions may become a little heated.  The use of offensive language, insults against commenters will not be tolerated and will be removed from our site.Any comments posted in this column do not represent the views or opinions of the City-County Observer or our advertiserslast_img

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