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March 11, 2017

personal Adsense about half a year of growth experience

everyone! Glad to post in A5 I, a year just graduated from high school, my brother was affected by exposure to web design, at first because of my poor foundation. So in the training school for three months, the basic web design software will be used, the following year, he with my brother came to Shenzhen, I was lucky to find the first job in my life, then learning web design is not enough, only for others to do art, do a month I found that I didn’t do the art talent, I didn’t study sketch, no art, so figure painting does not effect the customer satisfaction, so try to the life of the first "".

Guan Peng: from the grassroots webmaster status on the website of the road to profitability

The first personal homepage

started from 2001 since my old K personal Qiazhiyisuan imperceptibly already on the network removed more than eight years, has experienced the development of the Internet during the groundless talk. Although the IDC brand to run away from a Yanhuang network personal life, but because of the hands, and even a few small always think oneself is webmaster, often recently in the circle of large and small battles, understanding of different types of owners. The bold on the current situation of grassroots webmaster for some analysis, if there are less than 10000 haihan.

webmaster how to protect their original content

network transmission is the quickest way to share out the hope to bring help to others, and I hope you can find like-minded owners to communicate the development of search engine changes can be seen in the search engine is very love original content, so many owners began the road for the website editor is to give your site added quality content. The natural quality content many people reproduced, reproduced the original we do is a must, but many of them have a large number of people, we will write out the head and tail of the webmaster hard to change, make your own web site claimed that the original site, but there are still many pseudo original, enthusiasm seriously against the original author.

if your station was abandoned by the search you can live down

where the network is inseparable from the search, here is only a hypothesis. Because the network is too large, need to use the search to sort out at home, Baidu is still searching for the industry leader, although search QQ, and a NetEase, and even the huge monster world GG, but Baidu has to seize the opportunities and got too much reputation. If you want to do a search in the country then you can not do without Baidu. The needs of users is also the needs of the webmaster, Internet users can not be separated from Baidu, webmasters can not be separated, but also need to cater to. But this kind of catering is a yardstick, not completely to the scale to meet or even lose the ego to cater to.

Anhui webmaster interview: Zhou Qiang talk

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