Shanghai to crack down on 65 illegal securities websites

March 10, 2017

following the three time this year, the illegal securities investment consulting website recently transferred to public security organs, the Shanghai securities regulatory bureau, once again to the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Corps transferred to the fourth batch of 19 illegal securities investment consulting website. So far, after the preliminary investigation of the Bureau, a total of 65 illegal websites have been handed over to the public security organs to deal with, effectively inhibiting the spread of illegal securities activities in the network, purify the market environment. It is reported that the public security organs have started preliminary investigation.

in recent years, in order to reduce the occurrence of investors cheated, Shanghai securities regulatory bureau pay close attention to "pornography" work, and achieved certain results. But according to the Bureau said, however, "pornography" the situation is still grim, mainly for the illegal activities are rampant, various forms, and engaged in illegal securities advisory activities due to the low threshold, quick profit, related to repeated cases.

the next stage, the Shanghai Securities Regulatory Bureau joint public security organs, and the city of Shanghai to crack down on illegal securities activities and other members of the joint meeting, the illegal securities investment consulting website to further expand all-round, high intensity combat, and effectively protect the fundamental interests of the majority of investors.

this year at all levels of Shenzhen city public security departments have been on file for investigation of illegal securities advisory class 19 criminal cases. According to the Shenzhen police spokesman, 29, currently there are mainly four ways, should cause the majority of investors a high degree of vigilance. First, in the name of private equity funds engaged in illegal securities advisory business. The second is to sell stocks in the name of the software engaged in illegal securities consulting business. The third is to network media, with high returns as bait to cheat the victim, investment funds and various items cost. The fourth is a fictional company name, call the different investors, said the stock can provide information to help make money in stocks, stock trading by the victim specific operation, but the need to pay the deposit risk. The two sides negotiated by fax signed the "agreement", the victim will ensure that suspects remitted to the designated account, and will not be linked to the company and the personnel involved.

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