New York comedian brings light to Governor Cuomo’s daily briefings

December 8, 2020

first_imgThe first briefing she saw, Governor Cuomo began talking about his daughter’s boyfriend. “As a comedian I was feeling, and as a person, how am I useful right now? What can I do?” said DeCotis. “Just for people to have a small sense of relief that’s not at the expense of anyone is a small part of something I could do to help people right now.” Maria DeCotis started watching the governor’s news conferences when she picked up on something. One New York comedian is taking advantage of that. “Maybe I can just use the words he already has then just match it with something visually that’s telling a different story,” she said. “I just thought it was hilarious and I knew I wanted to do something with it but I was like, I shouldn’t write a script, what he said was already so perfect, I don’t really know how to heighten this any further. What he said as is was perfect so I didn’t want to touch it,” she said. Her videos have even given her a new purpose. Since she posted her first video in early May, DeCotis has grabbed the attention of thousands, even the governors. Being a comedian, DeCotis knew she had to act on the opportunity. All to help lighten up a dark situation.center_img That’s how DeCotis came up with the idea to create lip syncing videos. “The response was positive from the governor, that he liked my videos, so that was pretty exciting,” said DeCotis. It led to creating more videos over the weeks, to provide New Yorkers with laughs in a time they’re needed most. (WBNG) — Governor Andrew Cuomo enters the living rooms of thousands of New Yorkers daily with his televised briefings. “I just noticed here and there he would say silly things and he has a really funny dynamic with his brother,” said DeCotis. While he mostly talks about the pandemic, he’s known to occasionally go off on some tangents. “I think the main reaction was people being like, ‘Oh my goodness I really needed to laugh. I really needed this today, I’ve been feeling so heavy, this was such a light part of my day,'” said DeCotis. To see all of DeCotis’ videos, you can check out her Twitter or Instagram.last_img

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