The landscape of the river Krupa declared a cultural asset

November 18, 2020

first_imgThe area of ​​the cultural landscape of the river Krupa is bordered on the south by the river Zrmanja and Žegarski polje, on the east by the source of the river Krupa, the slopes of Velebit on the north and the mouth of the Krupa in Zrmanja on the west. As stated in the decision of the Ministry of Culture, no new construction is allowed in this area, but all development and eventual construction must be in accordance with tradition. Source: LikaClub.eu With its entire area of ​​approximately 23 km2, it is located in the Velebit Nature Park, and includes parts of the settlements of Kaštela Žegarski, Krupa and Golubić, and administratively belongs to the City of Obrovac. “The landscape of the Krupa River is extremely important and valuable for the preservation of the landscape diversity of the area, and we are extremely glad that the Ministry of Culture has recognized this. For several years now, WWF Adria has been promoting the permanent protection of rivers as one of the models for the protection of the biological and landscape diversity of our country and the preservation of free-flowing rivers. This decision shows that this model has been recognized by the institutions as well “, commented Irma Popović Dujmović from WWF Adria. At the end of November, the Ministry of Culture declared the entire mentioned landscape, ie the landscape of the Kupa River, a cultural asset. Also, in order to preserve travertine, travertine barriers and thresholds, activities on the river that would endanger them in any way are not allowed. The proclamation of the Krupa River Cultural Landscape in the Obrovac area as a cultural asset by the Ministry of Culture is an important decision for the permanent protection of the Krupa River, WWF Adria said, urging institutions to apply the decision to other equivalent river landscapes.last_img

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