We bring you the concept of the #TogetherInSplit campaign

November 18, 2020

first_imgThus, as part of the campaign announcement, the Split Tourist Board published the video #TogetherInSplit, and I emphasized in the article that we cannot call one video a complete campaign, and that I hope that there is a broader plan for the #TogetherInSplit campaign. Thus, according to the campaign plan, it is planned to publish a different thematic content on social networks of the Tourist Board of Split. Every first day of the week, ie Monday, is reserved for HERITAGE QUIZ through which the cultural heritage and interesting contents of Split museums are presented. Tuesday is reserved for video content – VIRTUAL SPLIT. From video materials of travel agencies to interesting video contents about Split, while videos with contents that enable physical distance (active tourism, nautical, family contents prednost) have priority. The goals of the campaign are to stay in touch with tourists, inspire them to remember their trips to Split and fantasize about returning, and to interest new guests with creative content, the Split Tourist Board points out with a narrative to send a message of unity of all tourism workers in Split. Today or Saturday, it is reserved for CONFERENCE CALL where video stories are published – in which tourist guides tell short interesting stories about Split. Certainly commendable that one of our tourist boards has finally started to communicate according to the weather with narrative and messages according to the current situation – stay home, travel later (except for the mere recycling of old photos). PS On the same day, I received feedback from the Tourist Board of Split, that this is a planned and targeted campaign. Kudos to the TZ office who immediately responded on their own initiative and sent all the details about the #TogetherInSplit concept. As we wrote at the beginning of the week, the Split Tourist Board launched the #TOGETHERINSPLIT campaign. Friday or FRIDAY STORY it is reserved for interesting stories about Split and its inhabitants. Thus, yesterday a blog was published on the pages of the Split Tourist Board – City on air conditioning. * At least for now I know the only such example. If you have some more positive examples from Croatia, feel free to send info to [email protected] to publish. Last day of the week, TAKE ME BACK TO SPLIT is planned which aims to encourage companions to send their picture from the trip and continue to dream of coming to Split again. “We are in very difficult times for all of us, but together we can turn something negative into something positive. We decided to replace the fear for our own health and the health of our loved ones, insecurity, existence and other fears with togetherness, a positive attitude, professional knowledge, creativity and friendship. The result is the #TogetherInSplit campaign. We invite everyone to join us in this campaign by sharing videos, and creating and sharing content that we will post on our profiles”Points out the director of the Split Tourist Board, Alijana Vukšić. Thus, the Split Tourist Board was the first * of all tourist boards in Croatia to start a concrete campaign and communication, which has a head and a tail. Without going into the discussion and analysis of the quality of the content, it is certainly commendable that it is not just about publishing one video and that there is a concrete communication plan. This is one example of other TZs how to communicate and get started. It costs nothing, so there is no excuse for the added cost, but it takes effort, time and a desire to work. Investigate what and how TZ Split communicates HERE On Wednesday, gastro tours and gastronomic offer of Split restaurants and hotels are promoted through recipes, photos and videos – COOK O ‘CLOCK, while on Thursdays from the Split Tourist Board thank all services, doctors, police officers, traders, volunteers for preserving the city and safety through stories about individuals or publishing their pictures and videos (eg a stream of Red Cross video workers and “Drops” dancing Foot Shake Dance) or THANK YOU THURSDAY. The campaign in the first phase lasts until the end of June, while in the second phase, of course, depending on the situation, the emphasis will be on domestic guests.last_img

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