Porn website love cottage webmaster Shi Gang 9 people jailed

March 10, 2017

Shanghai field history together with people just opened nude video chat site, the site of wantonly to paying members of the so-called "baby" broadcast many performances, earning ill-gotten gains. The day before the prosecution by the people’s Procuratorate Nanhui District according to law, "stationmaster" history was sentenced to 1 years and 8 months, fined 8000 yuan, the other 8 suspects were sentenced to the penalty.

pornographic videos played every day

at the beginning of April 2007, there was a man named "love cottage" membership fee chat sites on the internet. The site in the fixed time every day in the field to pay membership broadcast multi field performances, so-called "baby" from "baby" chat software and even performing various bold explicit obscene programs through instant video, and web site managers through QQ chat software to watch the program to recruit member fees and thus profit. After the opening of the site that attracted a large number of users with bad habits to join, and the click rate continues to rise, the situation quickly attracted the attention of the police network, and filing investigation.

around the track investigation

use of the Internet crime has some particularity, is often not involved in mutual exchanges, only use virtual identity. At the same time, the relevant personnel involved generally have a high level of culture and a strong sense of anti investigation, which brings great challenges to the investigation of the case. In September 2007, investigators through the hard evidence of a series of high-tech means of investigation and travel, make more than participate in the website establishment, management personnel involved have been arrested in various provinces and cities nationwide.

nowhere to escape the net of Justice

in the personnel involved in the analysis found that: most of them are younger with high qualifications, proficient in network application knowledge, the main purpose of setting up this website is pornographic performances get money interests and make up the spirit of emptiness. The site in the opening, the development of just a few months, has formed a certain organizational structure, the management of all the affairs of the master, and the administrator is arranged, presided over every day, baby obscene performances. The agent of the web site is actively developing the next level of agency and recruiting members. Nanhui District procuratorate hosted prosecutors to review the case after the identification of the personnel involved in accordance with their respective division of labor, the implementation of the joint behavior of a serious violation of social morality and order behavior, has constituted the crime of organizing pornographic performances.

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