Free souvenirs made a good webmaster who put forward opinions

March 10, 2017

‘s free gifts have already made, please mention the views of the majority of owners, who do well, send these gifts.

now give you a look at the first batch of sample design, we put forward some suggestions, such as: what pictures should be used above.


Something to show



: this picture is the shepherd boy points at

for free!


this is what I write prose, read it free. High level, you can translate.


ha ha, this is a poem I wrote:

was the host industry.

grassroots webmaster deep sorrow.

May I ask where there is


nestling amidst free software.

above that STARBUKE is I think it is cool, because I drink STARBUKE every day, this is my cup of water, so I can use in private, I can not print the logo to send people. This is the total possession of.

ordinary webmaster this position can be replaced by your site LOGO.


seems like the boss, this is my first gift to Ma’s gift, there is his LOGO. Of course, the map is to get the king Wang LOGO, China blog network is getting BLOGCN LOGO

after which webmaster do it in free, I also have prizes Oh, the above LOGO can be replaced by your LOGO oh.

so the selection criteria I have not had time to develop, and now the first gift and design to determine, and then there are a number of aluminum alloy sports kettle.

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