A good domain name of url org cn

March 10, 2017

url.org.cn, someone put the domain name on the Taobao auction…

is now engaged in the domain name seems to have such a tendency, some people would rather give up the good word of net.cn or org.cn, but to register some think a good domain name. Of course, now all these good suffix word collocation shape basically extinct…

domain name is always the most important meaning, so that one can understand the meaning of the word, to remember the domain name is the best.

CN every fall, every day people go to rob, thought down is good. One day you can not sell the domain name to be expired, you can let it fall down, look at those people how to grab your ever sell the domain name…

engage in bidding in China renamed, many people think of the competitive bidding up awfully, is good. The day you sell the domain name on the "bidding list, look at those people how to bid…

to talk about the short name. Short domain name is the best? In the domain name industry, it is the best, is the most safe investment, however, outsiders may not, if you take a A.COM with outsiders to say that this is your web site, they will be confused, will ask "this is your address you", in layman’s view, the domain name is not too short URL. So, the short domain name may not be in the takeaway for a good price, generally only in the domain name industry transfer.

so, the domain name is always the most important domain name itself means.

said so much, if which is interested in url.org.cn, you can go to Taobao auction.

auction address: http://s.archive.taobao.com/auction/item_detail-0dbh-1594f0fac35628d598ae3a3cbb2f65b6.jhtml

Author: This is my article on the Internet to see an article, I feel good, it came over. Currently look at the domain name is to do a web site, check the overall parameters of this site, you can, although the site is not long. It can also be seen that the search engine on the ORG domain name is still a little preference!

we can also look at the. Http://s.url.org.cn

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