Forum promotion the nets as long

March 10, 2017

forum to promote this seemingly quick to talk about the topic of corruption, is still a lot of grassroots webmaster and promotion staff do not want to give up the position, after all, the network forum brings together the vast majority of the crowd. So as long as the forum is still in advertising.

on how to do a good job in the forum to promote such experience sharing too much. The primary understanding is to write a few articles, bring the link, and then go around the post, like the streets of small ads everywhere. Street advertising will be cleaner clean out, in the forum poster will be harmonized to moderator. And then this is a more effective way is not to bring links, add keywords on the line, with a few snacks to write a few good soft, so the probability of being deleted will be much smaller. This is a good way. Of course, it was also pointed out that the promotion of forum is not only a post top stick, Forum promotion also need time to precipitation, in the forum post replies to gain popularity and reputation, good word-of-mouth marketing, then advertising words is easy, this is also a bit like the QQ group promotion way. For these promotional methods, in fact, as long as the implementation of sufficient, the effect will certainly be. But after each article put out is not related to each other and fight the enemy separately, so that each soft Wen may bring the propaganda effect and the duration is not too long. So if the serial form: the soft effect will gradually accumulate and magnify.

Fantasy to see a series of posts on Tianya forum before

, the author is hand-painted shoes sales, opened a post on Tianya a section, then every day, telling their own from scratch a step by step how to do a good job of marketing experience. These stories are the author, but it is coherent, so the traffic is very high. In the post which the author also explained some of the marketing case, virtually for the advertising, but the effect is very good, with pictures. The Forum promotion means mentioned above, this way is actually made a post, but the effect is better than the many means of the nets.

In fact, many

forum have some series of posts, but often these posts are very popular. The majority of these posts in the story, after all netizens visiting the forums are entertainment, look at other people’s stories and watching TV, good content attracted readers, and timely into advertising, than simply advertising bombing more acceptable. For example, in the Tinghuo Jia Junpeng transmission and transmission is also a series of spring posts.

As for how to create

serial type post, there are many ways to look at the forum posts that are serialized what themes, and then extracted, combined with their own situation to creation. Characters can make fiction, can also make the real. The article talked about the Tianya forum above is true, have seen some serial fantasy author posts is fictional, certainly not do network promotion may not see. The author through a fictional character, tells the history of his career, of course, this process cannot do without the help of his elegant and website forum, recordingown process is also very natural to do the advertising. Then I searched

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