Five keys to an 11 games ‘express’ League

May 14, 2020

first_imgOnce Health approve the return of League competition, the teams will face an unprecedented situation in history. Matches every three days from the same competition and resolution of it, after three months stopped, in just a month and a half of competition. There is not going to be time for the players and the teams to get in tune. Whoever does not start well, will be able to see all their chances of reaching their goals diminished. It will be a very strange situation for everyone. So, there are several factors that experts predict as relevant, once the atypical preseason that awaits them is completed, and La Liga is restarted with 11 weeks to play.1.- Physical preparation in the months of confinementThe level of physical preparation that each player has had in this confinement it will seem key in the first matches of competition. It is true that, first individually and then in groups, the players will carry out a mini preseason in the facilities of each club. However, the individual basis that each one brings from their time in confinement can be fundamental when starting the league express butt. “Each one’s level of preparation will be very important. Whoever has been able to maintain involvement in unusual conditions will have a lot of livestock“says Pako Ayestarán, former coach and fitness trainer of Valencia. Furthermore, the physical conditions in which each one has developed the confinement will have to do with how they return to the sports cities.”A player who lives in a chalet and has his space is not the same outdoors to work than someone else who lives in a small apartment with more restrictions, “says Carmelo del Pozo, sports director and physical trainer.2.- The youth hourAs it is an ‘express’ competition, which will last more or less like a World Cup, the first matches will have extreme relevance. In the first ten or 12 days of competition each team will have already played four games, more than a third of what remains until the end. And there young players always have a competitive advantage with older footballers. “The young player, often finer and more agile, the preseason has always started better and the seasons and the veteran always have a little more trouble starting. The Ferran, Joao Félix, Vinicius or Ansu may have an advantage in what remains of the League “, warns Alberto Escobar, coach Birmingham City assistant. Ayestarán, in addition, affects the recovery, more difficult for veterans, since it will be played with so little rest time between games. “The veteran clearly has a bigger problem with resilience. However, this is supplemented by more correct tactical behavior and greater effort, “he says. 3.- A ‘new’ LeagueFor the experts, it will be useless in this league final express, the moment of the teams when the competition was suspended, at the middle of March. “It is a new league where the past only counts to know the starting position of each team and the physical aspect is going to be as important as the psychological one. It will be a very short competition held in a very short time where a bad or good streak of results can lead to achieving or losing goals without correction margin“, highlights Carmelo del Pozo. Furthermore, heaccording to the five changes that FIFA wants to implement It will be another important aspect to manage to have a good League final. “The five changes will be important. A footballer who plays less than 60 minutes has a much faster recovery. Whoever is able to play that trick well will have a great advantage, “says Ayestarán.4.- Psychological and motivational aspectAlmost more important than tone physical that soccer players maintain is the psychological and motivational. On the one hand, playing behind closed doors continuously will be a factor that footballers are not used to. Further, footballers are people and they cannot abstract from what has happened and it could continue to happen while they are contesting a championship. “Everything goes through the minds of footballers and could influence the emotional aspect: the uncertainty, the contagions, the tests …“Ayestarán points out. In addition, the succession of matches in a few days (in seven weeks 11 league games will be played) can make Team dynamics, for better or for worse, are difficult to change. “There may be teams that have been down all season and win three games in seven days and are out of the drop. Or the other way around, teams that walked halfway through the table without problems and in a few days were in big trouble, “says Del Pozo.5.- Climatology and heatOne factor that should not be overlooked is that the 11 matches will be played, At first, at the end of June and throughout the month of July. This means that in many parts of Spain the thermometer can mark more than 30 degrees. LaLiga has not yet determined schedules although, as in the beginning of the leagues, it is normal to play at night. Still and with so few days of rest between games, heat acclimatization and stress management in these circumstances another key element for the last eleven games of the championship. “Keep in mind that the competition will be in the summer months. JPlaying in cities such as Valencia or Seville will continually be a handicap. How each staff handles that level of fatigue and recovery will also be important, “says Ayestarán.”It will be like a World CupIf there are finally concentrations, it will look even more like a World Cup. We in England will be less hot but it is true that in Spain if the heat pays hard it will be more complicated“, wields Escobar.last_img

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