“The pre-Olympic team could play matches in March”

May 14, 2020

first_imgIt is reasonable and fair. It would have been a punishment of unimaginable dimensions for a generation that has earned it. I celebrate and applaud him. I am happy for this generation that I love so much. It is an absolutely right decision.How do you prepare?If God wants the qualifying matches for the U21 Euro Cup to resume in September, in an ideal scenario, we could have free dates in March to play matches for a pre-Olympic team. There would be more advantages.But it will be even more difficult to choose 18 …Let’s see how they arrive. But it is good, because footballers are going to progress a lot in this year of competition. The generation of 2000 and 2001 will continue to grow and we will have more footballers. Some of those who seem untouchable just the same on that date have a drawback. Therefore, the more we have to choose the better. Then I will have to get wet and you will hit the sticks (laughs).I get Oyarzabal, Olmo, Fabián, Ceballos … who will go to the European Championship. Can you combine Eurocup and Games?Today I would say yes. They are young and motivated. A player with desire and motivation gets those two conversations without problem. The ideal hypothesis is that they go to the Absolute, that they play all the matches reaching the final. You leave with the moral through the roof and it takes away in two days any fatigue.On the part of the Federation there would be no problem?For our part, none. And Luis Enrique has always said that he supports that, he said it at the time. And the clubs … There could be inconvenience with foreigners, who do not have the obligation to transfer them.Madrid did not want to give up Vinicius and Rodrygo to Brazil …With Spanish clubs I think they are not going to put any inconvenience, I want to think of it like that. The relationship with the clubs is extraordinary. With foreigners there may be some doubt but it will be seen. Same shot down the middle street and take the little ones (laughs).Are you clear that you are going to use the three places for seniors?Yes Yes. If I understand that to be so, I will. I have it very clear. They are very good footballers. You have to bring three older people to complete that list. Fully determined. Unless there are boys who break it and deserve more to go than the older ones, but not because of age. The important thing is capacity. Those who are at the best time and who best adapt to the idea we have will go. Luis de la Fuente (Haro, 1961) has seen how the coronavirus totally changed his plans. As an Olympic and U21 coach, both competitions are delayed by one year: the Tokyo Games in 2021 and the U21 Euro Cup in 2022. The coach gave a joint interview to AS, Marca and Onda Cero to analyze all these situations. How are you doing these days?I’m very early riser, I’m the one that goes out to put the streets (laughs) Saving the drama that we are living, I get along well. I am orderly and routine. Work, sports, friends … I have recovered my reading, I have time to read. I didn’t have time and now I’m taking a little while, because it’s something I love. I have recovered that habit and it gives me great joy.How do you see this situation in the world of soccer?There is great concern, not surprisingly. We all wish that it would be normalized and we will try to return it to that normality. We know it will take a long time. I always say that this situation is exceptional and exceptional measures will have to be taken against that. It will be necessary to make an effort between all to normalize something that is not normal. It will not be easy, we are concerned. But I am happy for this little window to resume football activity, so it can cause not only for athletes but for society in general.What do you think about whether or not to finish the leagues?I am in favor of trying to finish them. Let’s give ourselves a chance to have that possibility. If then unfortunately there is a more negative situation, then another decision will be made. But now we have to be determined to try to overcome this. That little window that has been opened to resume activity is good news. I go beyond athletes, it is important for all of society.Can the fact that each country make war on its own make us a little crazy?You have to understand the uniqueness of each country. It is difficult to coordinate and unify all measures. Each country must assess its particular situation. I would rush until the last moment to make the decision to suspend something. As long as there is a small chance it is healthy for the competition to be completed.Before going into Selection issues … What do you think about the Cup final?We all agree that playing without an audience is not what we all want. But I insist that in an exceptional situation, exceptional measures must be taken. I think you have to wait and see if you can play with or without the public. The decision will be made when all the elements are available and it will surely be the right one, because it will be made at the appropriate time and not now. I remember that in January they asked me about Ramos and the Games and said that you never know … And now see what has happened. Well, the same, we do not know how it will be in two months. Maybe everything is better and the picture is different.The Federation has warned that either it will be played without an audience before September or they will be left without Europe …Well … That at the club level will have to be valued. I think going to Europe is important. For me, the Cup is the greatest show in Spanish football. We will have to take a measure that interests everyone at the right time. You don’t have to tear your clothes, you have to be generous. It is a situation that not even in a movie. Concessions will have to be made.Do you think it is fair that those from ’97 go to the Games? Was there concern among the players?One moment of the interview. Can the list you sent be redone?Right now I don’t know. I understand that there will be some revision, because soccer players may appear who this year begin to play. It wouldn’t be fair not to be able to add players to that list. At the moment we have no news.Is that list of the European Under-21 Championship going to weigh?It is that they are very good. And you have to be very very good to be better than them. We are guaranteed to be a brilliant generation. We would celebrate that someone had the ability to take one of those players away, hopefully, but that generation is very good.How does it change from a list of 23 to 18?Changes a lot. There are 18 plus four that can come to be in the reserve, but without options to play unless there is a loss. With 23 you can almost double positions. I have experience with the U19, which were 18. You have to spin very fine. It changes a lot and you have to find more versatile players.Were you worried about a specific player in recent days? Or vice versa, delighted …Overall I was concerned that there were few current U21 players in First Division regularly. The previous European players did have more regularity. What I don’t understand is how there are such good Spanish players playing outside. With a beastly talent and without continuity here. Some sound to return …In this U21 there are fewer starters in their teams than in the previous one. Is it a concern?Yes, totally. It is true that it is his first year, in the second more will appear. I have moved an important group and in Primera they participated little. Most played in Second and without great continuity. But we bet on them for their development with the future in mind. These days I listen to a lot of coaching interviews. Many think that success lies in coaches betting on them, not going to a youth club. We must be convinced that the good ones, with confidence, are very difficult to improve. Abroad there are few better than those of our quarry.What do you think of Ansu Fati?From the first moment I said that Ansu needed tranquility, there is no need to advance processes. He had fewer minutes in his club than in the national team. You had to calm him down and wait for his moment, he is very young.Are you worried that the break will cut the projection of this generation?They are very talented. This does not have to mean harm. A talented footballer, if he has an opportunity to play, overcomes any previous inconvenience that has prevented him from playing. It is able to exploit and demonstrate its full potential in a short time. It is not the ideal situation, but it will happen to all athletes. Resuming the Games, you will see how records will be broken in the Games. Athletes with potential need little to exploit. This situation has to make us much stronger. They must value what they have and not miss opportunities.What do you think of Éric García and Cucurella?Éric has always been ahead of his generation. And now it competes with those of 98 being from 2001. It has tremendous potential. He knows how to take advantage of his moment and makes good use of it. In the plants we are seeing some lack in Spain, there are not many. But I hope that some will be consolidated. And Cucurella … It’s doing a year to frame. That versatility it offers you … It was a discovery, I bet as a side. At Eibar they passed him and it was a discovery and look at Bordalás. I recognize the merit of those coaches because I saw it as lateral. It is true that in our style there were other soccer players who adapted better. It seems to me a success of the coaches. In the Selection we have more possibilities, surely I would choose another more specific end. But Cucurella is very important, especially for that wealth of being able to play in two positions.What do you think of Brahim? Are you concerned? Do you think you should be on loan?It is legitimate what you think, it is a demonstration of the confidence that you have in your possibilities. But reality is what it is. I can be very confident in my chances but if expectations are not met I will have to find another scenario. It would be interesting for players so young that they have a chance to play. Knowing that nobody is going to give you anything. Wherever Brahim goes, nobody would guarantee him anything, but a priori if they offer you more options elsewhere, young footballers should play first, compete, keep growing. The important thing is to play 40 games anywhere, you cannot play eight or ten games being a promise because you do not grow the same, your evolution is delayed. You have to have the opportunity to play thirty or forty games.How do they work in the Federation now?With Luis Enrique the relationship is fluid, very friendly. Also in the last weeks all the coaches are having meetings with him talking about football, methodology, how to improve. They are being fruitful. It seems to me something historical in the Federation, I do not remember that a meeting has ever been held with all the coaches and the sports management to have a sharing. It is being something sensational. We are talking about the same idea and methodology. I say that now we work more than before, because there is a lot of time to watch soccer. Now I am seeing other players that I have not had so much opportunity to see …Like who? Who has surprised you?Surprised not because we know everyone. But for example Pepelu and Oriol Busquets …Ok, so Pepelu and Busquets …(Laughs) No, no … I was saying it because Busquets has played central, midfield … It gives me the option of having a more versatile player. I spend my time watching games I haven’t paid as much attention to …So Tondela matches have seen a few …Yes (laughs) But I had seen the two of you long before. But, for example, Busquets had paid more attention when he played as a midfielder. The games he played at central he saw but did not pay much attention to. And now I am aware of it and in a position where we needed more alternatives. For this type of situation I use this time.last_img

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