SONY pictures are black follow up survey after spending nearly one hundred million yuan

March 10, 2017

[] according to the U.S. global technology Roundup "Chicago Tribune" reported in February 4th last year, SONY pictures had been hacked, resulting in the film and television studio. Recently, SONY said that to investigate the hacking and related rehabilitation work, SONY has cost nearly $15 million (about 93 million 810 thousand yuan).

since last November was proclaimed "peace keepers" (Guardians of Peace) attacks since SONY has been committed to repair the damage. The United States believes that the attack may come from North korea.

SONY announced its SONY pictures of hacker attacks caused by the loss in the first quarter earnings announcement when. SONY said that the company had to vote before hackers risk, you can make up a considerable portion of the loss. However, the attack did have an impact on the group’s quarterly revenues. Previously, SONY announced its current profit data, but the full data to be open until March.

reduced its total worldwide box office number and its film market share, SONY’s profits for the quarter was only $1 billion 600 million, down 23% compared to the same period last year. And due to the loss of film and television profits and the loss of hacker attacks, the company’s revenue decreased by $20 million.

for the fiscal year ending in March, SONY expects sales of $7 billion 600 million, higher than the previous forecast. However, due to the investigation of the hacking incident and SONY’s online media business is not profitable, the forecast value of turnover has declined.

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