China’s first online trading rules forcing buyers to change the assessment can be fined 20 thousand

March 10, 2017

introduction: Hangzhou recently introduced government regulations Guoneishoubu network transactions — "Hangzhou city network transaction management Interim Measures". From May 1st onwards, the seller, the buyer and the three party online trading platform if you want, then you have to eat a ticket.

forced buyers to change the maximum penalty of 20 thousand

shop hung in commodity price far below the market price, but ask "no goods"; a product looks sales high acclaim, actually is the network please professional organizations do not buy "child care"; the heart of the goods, the buyer gave the "comments" or "bad" the seller, call soon entangled, harassment and threats, required to praise"……

network transactions are "non transactions meet", asymmetric information may lead to difficult consumer rights, easy selling stuff. Hangzhou recently introduced the first domestic government regulation of online transactions – "Interim Measures for the management of network transactions in Hangzhou". From May 1st onwards, the seller, the buyer and the three party online trading platform if you want, then you have to eat a ticket.

shop also open business license


network market trading activity, the city’s total online trading business entities 47, engaged in business in the main body of Taobao, Tmall online trading platform has more than 900, 2013 online shopping market size of about 1 trillion and 800 billion yuan, in 2014 has exceeded 2 trillion yuan. But at the same time, the network transaction quality door event also frequent burst. In 2014, the city of Hangzhou, 3·, consumer rights report shows that in 2014, Hangzhou received a total of online shopping based non site shopping complaints of 22334, an increase of more than the same period last year, 65.63%.

online shopping problems how to do? The director of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce on Zhang Mao before turning to the online shopping fake problem when he said, the network transaction is not outside the law, to be responsible for the business platform.

"Interim Measures for the administration of network transactions in Hangzhou" clearly stipulates that the operators engaged in online transactions shall apply for business registration according to law. Through the third party network trading platform to operate, should be submitted to the third party network trading platform business registration information. The natural person does not have the conditions for registration of industrial and commercial, engaged in online trading operations, should be carried out through the third party network trading platform, and to the third party online trading platform to submit the identity certificate, business address, contact information. Otherwise, the market supervision and management departments shall be ordered to correct the platform operators, and may impose a fine of 10 thousand yuan more than 30 thousand yuan.

trading platform third party network operators shall provide service to enter the sales of goods or the network transaction platform operators qualification review, found that the trade of the network operators to conceal the real situation, provide the principal qualification of false information or failure, should immediately stop providing services platform. Consumers and business operators in the network of consumer disputes, may require the third party network trading platform operator mediation. Platform operator >

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