Han Guohai Amoy much hot 100 help for your secret

March 10, 2017

Korean popular Korean cosmetics fast, Korea Tourism with clothing is also very influential. Speaking of a good place for chop hand travel, how can less the distance we were not too close to South korea. Han Guohai Amoy business has always been hot, South Korea has been a kind of magic goods attracts us to buy, but the Korean goods emerged a superb collection of beautiful things, in the mind may also only Korean cosmetics, clothing such as public goods, but in addition there is even something worth of you? Would you please open your eyes now 100, Bangdai you together to find a more new world.

Korea stationery


international cartoon Brand Company, Asia’s first popular cartoon, 2011 to mobile communication software "LINE" sticker role was born, its kind of image to give the user a deep impression, but also allows us to close contact in daily life, has now become 5000 kinds of character products. LINE FRIENDS is the world, all over the world enjoy the role of all people. By virtue of the world’s popularity and brand value is working with world-renowned brands, and as a global partner of the United Nations Children’s fund UNICEF activities. (10×10) (


South Korea


with independent research center and production line of infant supplies brand.

infant medical experts to thousands of parents showed that awareness of parenting experience should be a high, all products strictly obey the Suavinex regulations and quality management, 25 to focus on children’s happiness, continuous research to ensure that the brand also accumulate experience, to ensure that the core of the design and technology for the healthy growth of infants. (10×10) (

)The palace secret


Korean children’s skin care brand, with the North Korean royal family child care recipe". The palace secret policy contains raw materials from the 100% ROK (medicinal plant) skin care ingredients extracted, with skin problem, calm moisturizing skin and other effects. At the same time, the goods from the Korean royal sub bath method from SAP boiled "five sticks of soup, add a natural extract complementary effect, not only can enhance the baby skin self defense function, also contribute to the healthy growth of babies. Let the baby tender skin can be effectively protected.

Korea accessories


South Korea’s parity accessories brand, mainly by the love of pure handmade. The design style of quiet, simple atmosphere, by the South Korean star love.

as a new South Korean brand, with earrings, the overall style is simple and elegant, suitable for partial clean, slightly mature and with light Cougar attribute girl. The goods are manufactured using European materials, including the producer’s care

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