Pat Network double push eleven new social networking ecosystem was questioned

March 10, 2017

October 22nd, Jingdong group pat Network officially announced the "double eleven" strategy, will launch the "new game + social networking fans" in the mobile terminal, through its new social product "take cheap" and billions of dollars of marketing resources and business subsidies, the "double stage eleven" to the merchant. Pat Network, said Pat micro shop will become pat Network in the double eleven during the main position.

apparently, "double eleven" this year, the Department of the electricity supplier Tencent will help WeChat to challenge Ali, the two sides will launch a fierce battle in the mobile terminal, and pat Network in the Tencent and the Jingdong’s resources support, WeChat is using the reconstruction of social electricity supplier ecosystem C2C.

however, insiders questioned the "social power" concept, that social electricity supplier originally is a pseudo proposition, social networking is a drainage way, not a business model, and the current social electricity supplier is not a can be used as a benchmark case.

electricity supplier double eleven mobile terminal

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pat Network said, in preparation for the "double eleven", "cheap shot" recently opened 100 users online. The so-called "cheap shot", is a combination of friends and e-commerce products: after users choose the right goods, by micro-blog, QQ, WeChat, and other space forum, invite friends group, the number of hash corresponding to enough cheap price to buy.

pat Network president Kui Ying Chun of the "daily economic news", the media said that social play is the pat Network in "killer of the double eleven" out of the.

said Pat, "in the traditional" double eleven "promotion mode, business platform to participate in activities, not only to play half off, also need advertising, deduction and freight, almost not to earn money, but the key is, even if consumers or platform." Kui Ying Chun said, "the platform of the traditional marketing model is the planned economy, platform procurement, distribution of traffic, advertising business according to the estimated stock, the slightest mistake can produce a large backlog of inventory. The solution is to break the monopoly of the business platform for the traffic, according to its input and output independent drainage, drainage automatically after customers into the new fans, using various means to enhance the maintenance of the re purchase rate within. Have their own customers and fans directly to the center is a more market-oriented model."

, however, to the center of the possible problem is to subvert the traditional mode of entrance flow, for platform pat Network, will be in the future how to reflect their own values as well as the construction of profit model.

in this regard, Kui Ying Chun believes that in the absence of large-scale social try the concept of the electricity supplier, pat Network is a small B or C based businesses, now pat Network for a way to help businesses do business in the new business chain, first by the Tencent and WeChat, QQ ecosystem, closely related to import business flow, second WeChat eco service number and micro shop based on solving business problems retained fans, marketing costs and access to customers to solve two aspects. When >

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