November 7, 2019

first_imgA new era for Touch Football began on Monday 3 July 2007, with the launch of Touch Football Australia’s (TFA) new operations in South Australia, under the name, Touch Football South Australia. After 18 months of toil, the South Australian Touch Association (SATA) and its members, on Saturday morning 30 June 2007, voted unanimously to de-register the association and adopt the Unitary Model proposed by Touch Football Australia. Touch Football Australia Board of Management Chairman, Mr. Peter Rooney was on hand to witness the historic event, along with TFA Executive Legal Counsel, Mel Malam who has guided and implemented the intricate legal process from beginning to end.Touch Football South Australia State Manager, and former Executive Officer of the  (SATA), Mr. Gavin Macdonald and the South Australian staff and Board Members attended to cement the formal process, and the Australian Capital Territory’s State Manager, Matt Mc Kerrow, was also on hand to observe the changeover and the protocol involved.After 18 months of legal checks and cross checks in the involved process of deregistration, and the steps associated with formally adopting the Unitary style of governance, the significance of the occasion was not lost on Gavin Macdonald.“It’s a monumental step for the advancement of sport in a changing industry landscape. We are in line with other sports including football, golf, bowls, and volleyball, which are assessing different mechanisms to promote and deliver their sports in a more cost effective and efficient manner,” Mr. Macdonald said.The decision to adopt the new system will enable South Australia to take advantage of streamlined administration and operational practices in delivering the sport to constituents under the National banner. The changeover will help touch football in South Australia to access marketing and branding opportunities with the National body, and cement itself as the sport of choice in South Australia at community participation level for all age groups in Men’s, Women’s and Mixed versions of the game. The development marks a historic occasion, with South Australia becoming the first state to fall under complete operational and administrative control of TFA.Touch Football, with the support of the Australian Sports Commission, is working with State Associations to streamline operations and deliver a more unified approach to the management of the sport across the nation.Other State Associations are working diligently towards the process South Australia has completed, and in coming months TFA will continue to move positively towards a more unified approach to strategic objectives and operational outcomes to ensure the best possible future for the game in Australia.last_img

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