EU Agriculture Committee Views Morocco-EU Agriculture Deal Positively

October 12, 2019

Rabat – According to Maghreb Arab Press (MAP), the majority of the members of the committee adopted a favorable opinion of the agriculture agreement.The committee’s views may reflect the “position of the political groups represented therein in favor of the adoption by the European Parliament of this agreement which aims at extending trade preferences to agricultural and fishing products from Morocco’s southern provinces.”In July, the European Union Foreign Affairs Council decided to include Western Sahara in the Association Agreement and the EU-Morocco agriculture deal. “This is a measure that is in line with the decision of the EU Court of Justice on the liberalization agreement of agricultural and other products issued on December 21, 2016, which is aimed at extending tariff presence” to the region, a source quoted by MAP said.The decision also encouraged the EU to continue to enhance partnership with Morocco and “lead the way on the fishing agreement between the two partners in the coming months,” the source added.The EU and Morocco also agreed to renew a fisheries deal, which expired on July 14.EU-Morocco fishery ties date back to 1995. Before entering into effect, the deal must pass through the European Parliament and receive ratification by all 28 EU member states.

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