Guinea Ban Kimoon urges restraint amid reported deaths during demonstrations

October 12, 2019

21 January 2007Concerned at unrest in Guinea, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today urged the parties there to exercise restraint amid reports of deaths during demonstrations which have rocked the West African country in recent days. “The Secretary General is closely following developments in Guinea, including negotiations between the parties, aimed at bringing an early end to the present situation, his spokesman said in a statement issued in New York, voicing concern over “the reported loss of life that occurred during the demonstrations.”Mr. Ban urged the Government, the Labor Union leaders and other concerned parties to exercise restraint. “He encourages them to avoid any action that would result in casualties and to reach a peaceful and mutually satisfactory agreement that would help restore calm and refocus the efforts of the country on poverty alleviation and development,” the spokesman said.

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