Chemicals discarded in Ancaster

October 7, 2019

The RCMP’s synthetic drug unit is investigating dozens of barrels of toxic waste found on a rural Ancaster property. Trinity Road has been closed between Wilson Street and Book Road all day while police and the Ministry of the Environment work to safely clear out the chemicals. RCMP say they are treating this case like a possible illegal drug lab.Some people that live nearby say they first noticed something on the empty property Monday or Tuesday. A couple of residents decided to take a closer look Wednesday night. That’s when they discovered dozens of barrels and a large drum marked as hazardous — and they notified police.“You can see it right from the road. Somebody backed in there and dropped all this stuff off.”Norman Ward says he first noticed something on this Trinity Road property at the beginning of the week — and after driving by again on Wednesday, decided to take a closer look. That’s when he and another resident discovered dozens of barrels of toxic waste: “I would think there would be 5 gallon pails steel and plastic probably 40 or 50 give or take and a 45 gallon drum.”He also noticed about three boxes that contained exhaust fans. That’s when he notified Hamilton Police.Sgt. Brent Hasey is with the RCMP’s Synthetic Drug Unit: “They are chemicals consistent with the production of synthetic drugs.”The RCMP’s synthetic drug operations were brought in to help safely handle the chemicals.Sgt. Hasey says they have to be sent to Health Canada for analysis before they know exactly what the barrels contain: “Looks like someone just dumped the waste from drug operations.”Neighbours say there used to be an abandoned house on the land. It was torn down about three years ago. Ward says it now belongs to the Ancaster Agricultural Society. Police say there is no threat to the public as it appears all the barrels were sealed. People that live nearby were disturbed by the discovery.“Shocking. You just expect something like this in downtown Hamilton. You’d probably notice a truck unloading.”“We get garbage out here in the country. This stuff is pretty nasty. Not welcome thats for sure”The OPP say it is not connected to any Hamilton drug labs. The investigation continues.

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