Parties receive text of comprehensive UN plan to resolve Cyprus problem

October 6, 2019

Just days ahead of a deadline to finalize a plan to reunify Cyprus before its entry 1 May into the European Union, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan today handed over to the Greek and Turkish Cypriot leaders a draft of the settlement proposal and urged them to seize the moment to settle the decades-old problem “once and for all.” Meeting in the Swiss town of Bürgenstock, near Lucerne, the Secretary-General delivered to the two parties, as well as representatives of Turkey and Greece, for study more than 9,000 pages of text containing the Foundation Agreement, constitutions for Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot constituent states, a treaty on matters related to the new state of affairs in Cyprus and other related documents. “There is a sense of destiny,” he said, adding that he expected them to make a commitment “here and now.” The text, Mr. Annan said, is the result of “the Herculean efforts of Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot leaders, working intensely and in unison for the reunification of their country.” He added that they pooled their great talent in search of common ends, while respecting each other’s identities. In asking for the parties’ reaction tomorrow morning, the Secretary-General also called on the leaders to act on a vision of a Cyprus, working for all of the people, with the leadership the people deserve. The UN team, led by Mr. Annan’s Special Adviser Alvaro de Soto, will evaluate those reactions to finalize a text Wednesday. That text would then be submitted to two separate referenda on 20 April. More photos from the talks in Bürgenstock

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