Wanda electricity supplier CEO and then leave why the accident occurred frequently

March 8, 2017

nothing more than the top management’s frequent job hopping shows a company’s anxiety and desire to change.

February 12th, news media said, Wanda fifast CEO Lee Jinling formally resigned in February this year, and this is the fifast turnover since its inception in 2012 third CEO, in February 2016, out of 8 million annual salary of Wang Jianlin, Li Jinling entered Wanda as fifast CEO, previously fifast has experienced Gong Yitao and Dong. Two CEO rotation.

was founded less than five years, the CEO has left any of the three, as the highest commander in charge of the company has such a high turnover rate, flying in the end how?

commented: from the strategic partner of the company’s top management to the frequent change of

August 29, 2014, Wanda, Baidu, Tencent announced the establishment of a joint venture Wanda electricity supplier, plans to invest 5 billion yuan a year. Among them, Wanda holds a 70% stake in Baidu, the Tencent will hold 15% equity, a nickname called "Teng million", although it is just a green hand, but it seems to have a great fan. At that time, the three companies intend to Wanda electricity supplier to build the world’s largest O2O electronic business platform, the first to hit the 5 billion down, Wanda electricity supplier is the predecessor of the fly.

three giant hand in hand, 5 billion heavily, a series of bright entrepreneurial resources, the external row is there, but the final Teng million combination has become awkward "oolong". The media reported that fifast burned five billion yuan, Baidu, Tencent dissatisfaction, then announced to disband, then Wanda official said: "in fact due to comprehensive factors, the three parties did not realize the investment cooperation, Shanghai Frestech all Agel Ecommerce Ltd (hereinafter referred to as" fifast ") funded entirely by Wanda Tencent and Baidu, not the actual investment any money."

In fact,

, regardless of the fly who burned three of the light of the 5 billion or, who has always been flying their own play, the final result is the same. If you are flying where the burned three of the 5 billion, finally did not have what effect, caused by the Tencent, Baidu dissatisfaction, then declared the breakdown of cooperation, undoubtedly with 50 billion to prove to the world: Wanda electricity supplier is not reliable, and not burn out a effective way. If Wanda statement true, Baidu, the Tencent has not funded entirely by Wanda investment side, also shows that, Tencent, Baidu in the beginning of the cooperation, contact investigation over a period of time after the project does not feel reliable, braving the risk of dishonesty, but also "no words of the letter".

Whether it is

, Tencent, Baidu as the Internet giant, gallop for many years, and finally announced cooperation has not put a penny, what does this show? Tencent, Baidu would rather take the credit risk, to default, extremely optimistic about this remarkable.

, a strategic partner so much Oolong drama, its influence gradually penetrate into management. April 2012, Gong Yitao, senior director of Alibaba international trading technology

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