Weird Wide Web Life on Mars World Cup withdrawal and sexting extortion

September 22, 2019

first_imgWELCOME TO THE Weird Wide Web – where we take a look at the week’s best offerings in tech and social media news.Ambitious space plan of the weekNASA is aiming to produce oxygen on Mars with its 2020 rover experiment. Researchers will look at whether the air on the planet can be converted, bringing us one step closer to having life on Mars…Doctor, doctor app of the weekWe’re all guilty of Googling symptoms we’re having and trying to diagnose ourselves but are consequently well aware of how terrifying the results can be. This app gives you some of the immediacy of searching it on the internet but, in this instance, you get a response from a real doctor. If you fall down the stairs and break your leg though, we’d still advise you to go straight to the hospital… Source: iTunesSmart carpark of the weekFor many people, parking is the worst part of driving. This system would see your car park itself and then come and pick you up at the door of the hotel or office you’ve parked at. Very Bond-esque. Source: BoschAutomotive/YouTubeWorld Cup withdrawal cure of the weekBuzzfeed found this great (and very addictive) little browser game that’s basically like playing foosball on your computer. Enjoy… Source: Soccer PhysicsSexting scandal of the weekScammers are now using sexts to extort thousands of dollar from users of an online dating site in the US, Business Insider reports. They first pose as daters, coax users into sending sexually explicit pictures of themselves and then identify themselves as a sheriff’s deputy looking for child predators. To avoid prosecution, they are told they can can pay a fine.Read previous Weird Wide Webs>last_img

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