Rare Atari game Air Raid sells for 33433

September 21, 2019

first_imgIt turns out that holding onto old games might be more profitable than you think, as Harv Bennett recently discovered. Mr Bennett had an extremely rare Atari game, Air Raid, in his collection — his copy was the only one in existence to still have its instruction manual in mint condition.Air Raid came out in 1982 and was the only game to be released by Men-A-Vision. It involved defending Manhattan from flying saucers and it is considered to be the rarest Atari 2600 game.Apparently Bennett used to work in a drug store that also sold video games, when a sales rep came round trying to get stores to order copies of Air Raid, Harv took the last copy he had on him home to play. The next day the sales rep called to take his order but Harv didn’t think kids would be interested in the game and therefore he wouldn’t be placing an order. Bennett offered to hold onto his copy of Air Raid until the sales rep came back to the store but the rep told him to keep it as none of the other stores were interested in buying Air Raid either.So, Bennett stored the game away for around 20 years until he saw a news story saying a copy of Air Raid had been sold in 2010 for $31,600, Harv remembered having the game and, after he and his daughter cleaned out his storage unit, he found it.The game was listed for sale, in it’s near perfect condition on GameGavel, an auction site. The first bid was for $100, the next bid was $1000 and a few hours later the bid had jumped up to $10,000. The game was going to sell for around $17,000 but at the last minute it broke the $33,000 mark, no doubt making Harv a very happy man. Although, he is going to give most of the money to his daughter so she can redecorate her new house.Now might be the time to see if you have any mega rare Atari games in your collection.Gamegavel via Polygonlast_img

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