Crucial M500 A 1TB SSD that is almost affordable

September 21, 2019

first_imgToday, having a large amount of storage space on a desktop computer isn’t a premium feature. Accessing data at great speed isn’t necessarily a premium feature either. Unfortunately, combining the two significantly adds to the price of a device. Any gamer that opts for the speed of an SSD over the storage capacity of a hard drive has a story or two about deciding which game to uninstall before installing a new release. That’s going to change soon.A widely accepted capacity-per-dollar ratio for solid state drives is a little under $1 per gigabyte. Now Crucial has managed to bring us an SSD with a vast amount of storage capacity — 960GB — at that guilt-free price of a less than $1 per gig.Crucial’s new M500 SSDs come in sizes of 120GB, 240GB, 480GB, and that epic 960GB. The other sizes all have standard price tags, but the 960GB model will only run you $599. While that number may be able to net you an entire tablet, it is actually nicely priced for 1TB of SSD storage space.At the moment, that $599 sweet spot isn’t as sweet as it is supposed to be on outlets like Newegg, which has it listed for $50 over Crucial’s price. However, the product is extremely new and — considering it is a very cheap 1TB SSD from a brand with a positive reputation — quite desirable. The price should drop down to Crucial’s suggestion soon after the hype settles. If you simply can’t wait, $649 isn’t such a bad price considering other major outlets are out of stock. However, if you can hold out, you’ll most likely be able to nab that 960GB M500 for the suggested $599 price soon enough. Until then, just play games with cloud saves or make sure not to delete your local saves.last_img

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