Contra is coming to iOS this is what it looks like

September 21, 2019

first_imgIf you’re looking for a hot new sidescroller for iOS, developer CocoaChina/Chukong has you covered. Never heard of them? Don’t worry about it — these guys, through an untold number of twists of fate, obtained the license for Contra and are remaking the NES classic on iOS. It’s Contra — up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right Contra — on your iPhone.The new game will be known as Contra Evolution (note the brave lack of a colon) and it will be “the first fully licensed mobile version of Konami’s classic alien-and-human-shooting side-scroller Contra.” The game has already launched in China, but will be landing in the US on June 27th. The iPhone version will be 99 cents while the iPad one will be $2.99.A release noted that the game is a “complete mobile reincarnation” as opposed to being a new game inspired by the legendary franchise. The screenshots (in the gallery above) confirm this — the first stage and second stage look to be high-resolution remakes of the original NES game. Videos already posted to YouTube double confirm this.Unfortunately initial reviews have been mixed, while some are quite negative. It’s no surprise that touch controls are not ideal for Contra, but it looks like they become a serious problem as the difficulty ramps up (which happens early on). Also the game seems to be quite reliant on in-app purchases. IAPs are used to buy diamonds which are, in turn, used to buy continues (of which you need many). You also need to pay to unlock the game’s two females characters, which are new for this release.So, yes, Contra is coming to iOS, or might already be here depending on your region. We’ll see if that’s good news or not. VIEW PHOTO GALLERY Contra EvolutionContra EvolutionContra Evolution – 001Contra Evolution 003Contra Evolution 002Contra 1st bossContra Posterlast_img

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