This Lake Looks Like a Christmas Tree From Space

September 20, 2019

first_img NASA Says 2 Asteroids Will Safely Fly By Earth This WeekendScientists Discover Possible Interstellar Visitor The Earth is dotted with unique geographical and water features — and from above, they look even more amazing. One lake, located in Iraqi Kurdistan, looks like a Christmas tree from space.The image of Lake Dukan below was taken on December 3, 2018, by astronaut Alexander Gerst. Lake Dukan is separated into two parts by a winding gorge, according to NASA. The larger portion resembles the body of an evergreen conifer, while the smaller lake is reminiscent of a tree topper. The “ornaments” on the tree (the dark circles) are artifacts from the astronaut’s camera lens.Photo Credit: ISS Photograph by Alex Gerst, European Space Agency/NASASituated in the Zagros Mountains, the bright blue lake stands out against the surrounding yellow and green mounds. The swirls in the lake might be a phytoplankton bloom or suspended sediment, according to NASA.Lake Dukan covers 97 square miles and is actually manmade; it is a reservoir created by the construction of the Dukan Dam, between 1954 and 1959. It was created as a multi-purpose dam to provide water storage, irrigation and hydroelectricity.Prior to the flooding of Lake Dukan, the area has been subjected to archaeological research to investigate as many archaeological sites as possible. Nowadays, the area of Lake Dukan is actually a thriving tourist town. It is a popular honeymoon location for locals, with cabins to rent by the water side and beautiful scenery for walks.More on Geek.com:35 Incredible Images of Earth’s Mountains and Volcanoes from SpaceMars’ Ice Crater Is an Otherworldly Winter Wonderland ISS Crew Better Watch Out for the Elf on a Shelf Space Spy Stay on targetlast_img

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