How to do the classification information network offline promotion

March 8, 2017

is mainly combined with the Ji’nan classification information network www.053i.com talked about the classification of information networks and the future profit model analysis and views. In fact, with a good profit model, the next is how to do

step by step, so that the classification of information network to get better development, faster gathering popularity. In fact, the promotion of a website, the majority of people may think of online promotion, including a variety of network marketing tools, such as money advertising, do SEO, etc.. Here I want to say is, in fact, the network and the reality is closely linked to the classification of information network is no exception, do a good job under the promotion of the line, will certainly play a role in fueling the development of the site. Almost all of the traditional forms of advertising in real life can be used to promote the site, such as television, newspapers, magazines and other sites can be seen advertising. Remember to read the report before, Baidu had to do a very good TV advertising, only in the minds of the majority of users left a deep impression. Below I will briefly list some of the classification information network promotion method, only for reference.

1, looking for a local newspaper cooperation, local newspapers have classified ads this column, we can talk to them about their cooperation, their information we can help free release to our website

, as long as they hit our website on the newspaper and the introduction of the web site can be.


: a good name card design has its own features of the site name card, when participating in activities or meet friends at any time, do not forget to pass name card, form a habit, accumulate slowly, when you send about 5 boxes, the effect is obvious.

3, for the shop cooperation have fame, for their free column and customer interaction and online marketing, with no website afraid, as long as there are people with have vitality. Your website will soon spread.

4, buy a few pieces of T-shirts in the printed on your website LOGO, sent to her friends and relatives, to make beautiful, cool, they love to wear out to promote your own personality, can also wear, oh well.

5, printed thousands of leaflets to the District, the school distribution.

6, print a lot of plastic tape for free fast food shops, plastic tape printed on the site. For example, you can write like this:

site name: Ji’nan classified information network website: www.053i.com website: Ji’nan classified information network released free classified information, the location on the LOGO can make conspicuous, simple


7, if the money you have slightly, can recruit two staff to collect information (part-time can), so they wore T-shirts to collect high streets and back lanes classified information, just send the propaganda name card, this downtown one or two months (such as vacations), or go to a nearby school to find students to do part-time weekend but at the weekend, first come first served, like very popular, called every weekend.

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