How to improve the PageRank value and calculation formula of the website

March 8, 2017

What is PageRank? PageRank is an assessment of the importance of Google pages;

PageRank value can effectively improve your web page in the Google search engine rankings, but not to say that the higher the ranking is more PageRank. There are some sites, although PageRank is not high, but it is higher than some of the high ranking PageRank site before. So you should be on site optimization at the same time, also must strive to improve the PR value of the site. The best and easiest way to improve PR is:

1 provides interesting, valuable content of the site, so that the owners will take the initiative to link with you, so as to improve the value of your external links.
2 to submit your site to each big search engine, it can significantly improve your site in Google ranking.

3 can be added to the site of the portal site, online forums, guestbook and so on to allow the site to add links.

4 exchange links with other sites to improve link weights.

5 and other sites to exchange links, first of all to see each other site is deleted by Google, or whether it is included in the Google, not included in the site is best not to do Google connection.

Links PR value calculation method:
PR (A) = (1-D) + D (PR (T1) /C (T1) +… + PR (TN) /C (TN)
PR) = (1-0.85) + 0.85* (4/1)

then you’ll get 3.55 points! This is not the other sites to your points.

if blog.sina.com.cn/seo has only 2 links and links to your site

PR (A) = (1-0.85) + 0.85* (4/2)

if 10 PR=0 sites link to your site

PR (A) = (1-0.85) + 0.85* (0/N) + 0.85* (0/N) +… + 0.85* (0/N)
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