Small width analysis of film and television advertising implantable marketing moderate

March 8, 2017

with the development of society, the style of the advertising is more and more, but from the survey results of hard advertising on the company’s earnings effect is not obvious, unless the brand has to do it, then the soul of people continuously. Otherwise, a new brand is difficult to implant into the hearts of the people inside, so contact advertising now is a means of enterprise most heavy from the car, mobile phone, and even to cosmetics in stealth advertising a try. Small width is also to analyze the stealth advertising film and television ad placement marketing, today’s most important analysis of the advertising implant moderate.

a long time ago, "dragon Humen" this movie, NOKIA has quietly begun to film and television advertising implanted activities, NOKIA3250 was also remembered at that time. "Struggle" the film actor Lu Tao mounts Audi Q7, but also a symbol of these companies are slowly beginning to hide the placement of advertising, so that the brand in the hearts of the people, to improve their brand influence. These recessive advertising do is very low in place not without let people accept these things in the TV drama. It can be said that some of the company’s film and television advertising implants do very successful. But with this way slowly understood, many companies have begun to implement such a model, but they have lost degrees.

"meteor shower" is often criticized as a wealthy son and racing driver Murong clouds, actually open is a brand is not high, the city vehicle, and TV drama princess as compared to feeling now is the fire, the movie "go to a meteor shower" is also known as netizens thunderstorm movie, due to product placement advertising is stiff, too much, so get a bristle. EG: "sunny afternoon, H4 with a brand of shampoo wash your hair, wearing a brand of clothing and other brand shoes, out of a Chinese city home, in two car brands, choose a certain brand of off-road vehicles, to a certain Internet cafe next to the fitness center. They are using a certain brand of computer, next to each with a certain brand of tea, and a rabbit doll." From the above ridicule scripts can be seen, eat and drink, housing and transportation, not only the audience think, "meteor shower" can’t implant the. From the species point of view, the play also hit the history of domestic TV drama ad placement.

implantable marketing as a soft means of communication, after all is to return to the origin of marketing, follow the brand establishment and spread of law, will it be possible to achieve the highest realm of marketing moisturizes things in silence. Small width of implantable advertising to understand three points: reasonable, integration, matching. If advertisers can fully combine these three points into the film, the impact of the brand is about to be greatly improved.


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