As SEOer personnel should pay attention to the optimization of site positioning and planning

March 8, 2017

SEO and the basic industry is currently in the white hot stage, while engaged in SEO optimization industry personnel constantly increase, but can really make the SEO optimization is done in the scanty! Give yourself hanging title master who do not claim to be able to complete the SEO well, as a real SEO not only to understand the basis of SEO and just write the original and send the chain, but also able to put the whole project successfully completed down the "Almighty" is a real SEO. A website even pre positioning and planning are done more don’t talk nonsense can SEO do.

site positioning is very important

as a qualified SEO staff are aware of a truth, pre positioning determines your future website achievements and income, so when we decided to do the site should be based on their specific circumstances to position their website. In the positioning of the site when Zhang Shoujin suggested the choice of industry segments to do. I believe that we have recently heard of those giants in mergers and acquisitions or some electricity supplier price war and other information, according to the current situation, basically every industry has several big giants in the possession of. If you think you have the courage to say can choose to "compete with these giants". I don’t think you’ve seen them yet.

truth does not need to talk too much to understand on the line, said so much more than just want to make sure that the site in the early positioning of the mind must be clear, do not blindly follow the trend!

website marketing planning can not be ignored

I’ve seen in many friends and some novice, has found an important question! They are to build up a website after the beginning of the update, the chain! Have seen a training site, click to enter the home page, where I stay on for a long time, but for a long time can not find their site in the end what is the meaning of existence, I would like to ask you such a website? Need optimization? This is just one question, purpose is to hope that we understand the importance of website marketing planning! Here we get right to say some simple website marketing planning the problem of


personally feel down on the site early positioning, we must consider what is our own to do? What are the user groups? What should we do? Put out a series of problems, and then into the planning section! For example: website localization is the gift cup, so our user groups can be divided into the target user groups and marketing group, from the above, we can define the target site keywords and long tail keywords our


is the second web design and layout architecture, do not know if you have not tried to open some web sites, their site’s style has color let us see. On the contrary, some sites will let our eyes after watching the heart began to produce resentment and direct exit from this site. >

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