Microsoft Puts Improved Windows 10 Privacy Settings Front And Center

September 1, 2019

first_img The Windows Start Menu Will Soon Run in Its Own ProcessWindows 10 May Learn to Automatically Remove Updates That Bork Your PC Stay on target Ever since Windows 10 launched, there have been concerns about Microsoft “spying” and users not having enough control over their privacy. Microsoft is about to address those concerns in a very big way.They’re introducing some very meaningful changes. When the Windows 10 Creators Update arrives later this year, privacy settings will be easier to find — and it’ll also be much easier to understand what happens when you change those settings.That’s the new panel you see at the top of this post. Under each of the five headings, there’s a description of what impact your current setting will have. The wording is a bit loaded, which is fair enough — Microsoft wants the user to share things like error reports, battery usage stats, and speech. That data makes it easier for them to improve their software.Turn the settings on, and Microsoft will tell you just how helpful you’re being and how much better your choices will make your Windows 10 experience. Turn them off, and they’ll bluntly point out all the downsides.Sharing that data ought to be your choice, however, and it very clearly is in the Creators Update. Turn everything off, and the only information that you’ll be transmitting back to MSHQ is basic bits when Windows errors occur.Here’s perhaps the most welcome bit of news for privacy-minded folks from their blog post: “Regardless of your data collection choices, we will not use the contents of your email, chat, files, or pictures to target ads to you.”Microsoft is also giving you more control over your privacy across all their apps and services. The new web-based privacy dashboard they just unveiled is a one-stop shop where you can manage things like browsing, search and location history, Cortana data, and advertising preferences.Sure, they’re playing catch-up with Google on this one, but the important thing is that Microsoft is moving in the right direction.last_img

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