Why the United States mission to play more and more public comment ruthless Zhang Tao can’t wait Wa

March 6, 2017

June 12th meituan ZhenJiang Railway Station two employees in Wanda Plaza and public comment male employees "struggle", again even Guacai limb collision. In June 15th, the public comment through the official micro-blog said in a statement, the day before the occurrence of the three U.S. employees beating adverse events of public comment staff, has issued a lawyer’s letter to the U.S. mission headquarters.


between the two rival beatings and more than this one. In the second half of last year, the public comment on the investment of the hungry, it has repeatedly occurred with the u.s.. In fact, between the two court drama has repeatedly staged, the U.S. group and the public comments have sued each other each other pirates event.


in the market share theory, however, buy the market, the United States and the masses have long been fighting between the public comment. The latest data released by Analysys think tank shows that the first quarter of 2015, the overall size of China group purchase market reached 30 billion 470 million yuan, of which the mission of public comments and the joint ring road nearly 82% market share.

is from the bloody "push to fight turf" to open home service entrance, behind the fierce competition is threatening the business model and iterative two enclosure, have thousands of war has evolved into the big two "group purchase", for the local O2O life service battle service entrance.

a second tier market is becoming saturated, forcing more buy site to sink. Analysts also believe that the future of group purchase increment is mainly embodied in the three or four line of the city, but accounted for the overall share of more than 70%, with a single group purchase business to get the geometric order of magnitude increase is no longer a reality, "group purchase" has become a pressing matter of the moment group purchase giant transformation.

group purchase, "home service" has become the U.S. group, public comment and seize the line, the key entrance for the flow. U.S. group, the public comment on the App page were added to the door, home entrance. The future of the United States mission, the public comment on the O2O service life will only become increasingly fierce war, a new round of competition will be more than a thousand regiments war is tragic. The reason is that the current round of competition is no longer just buy the company itself, but also behind the BAT giants and vertical O2O companies such as the upper and lower reaches of the ecological chain participants.

what’s more, after the group purchase war ending, had continued to burn the company began to seek IPO financing. And after different low-key, since this year, two company executives more standing in front of the public, in addition to the rally for business development, the more important point is to increase IPO. The two hope to strive to succeed in the other before the bell.

In fact, as early as in 2005

, Zhang Tao, founder of the network in the minds of the listing plan. Two different occasions of the position, the public comment in 2011 to set the target year. However, people are not as good as the day, with the 2010 group buying model began to enter China, which also makes Zhang Tao excited, that the group

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