Case analysis of enterprise station optimization

March 5, 2017

enterprise station optimization case analysis gas chromatography (www.jinghe17.com) the home page of this site is currently in the form of cover.. A large set of background images on the FLASH effect, a typical corporate image station..

first step: transform the home page

BAIDU, general popular keywords on the web page weights are relatively high, not glad we can try the general popular word search results in the first few pages are displayed page contains the word, so that the small website home page is very important, should make great efforts on it. Okay, don’t talk nonsense…

first to the home page with the basic META information…. Although this is not very important, but for the station, do some specification is not a bad thing, and then make some words, words soft on the inside, the layout of the home page, but it also let the ugly many.. Ha-ha。。 But no way… Something must be sacrificed.. I do not say the specific layout, and a lot of tutorials have been talked about, the outer space.. If you are interested, please open the website to see the layout of the key words "coating equipment" and "coating machine".. For BAIDU.. Key words: layout does account for a very large proportion.. Hope everyone understands this

second steps: the transformation of the internal page

In the

page of this website is really very bad, the product display page is to use IFRAME to add anchor point to do.. I did not change in the basis of the original structure, for each individual product made a detail page, and inside some words in, and make a product catalog… In addition, the original site menu is done with pictures, very unfriendly to SE, so I will remove the picture, replaced by a text menu. Finally, a simple site map index file to facilitate the collection. Bottle washing machine (www.jnhs.cn/ProductShow.asp? ArticleID=195) this is just a content page optimization is also a good ranking

third step: submit included

did not go directly to the BAIDU submission, but chose a relatively high frequency of the BAIDU update site forum, find the new post, reply, the way the links and keywords are waiting for the BAIDU spider included… 5 days after the BAIDU officially included in the 10 page, but there is no ranking.

the first three basic physical work has been completed, officially entered the so-called sandbox, behind the work is to improve the ranking..

fourth: increase the chain

tell the truth.. I think the most difficult optimization step is to find the chain, especially small, usually find what high quality links, no way, you can control the first several stood on the link to it, although not what the correlation between sites, but are better than nothing, do the most good links is this.

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