The solitary little mo network marketing department most companies suck

March 5, 2017

more and more business entities to value the development of network marketing, network marketing to join the army, but most companies only know its type do not know its meaning, resulting in most of the enterprise network marketing department is weak, big business money, small businesses and medium-sized enterprises half life with none of my business. Medium sized enterprises is the largest force in China’s development, but also the most prominent problem is the network marketing, I would like to start from this.

look at the title of the article seems to say some enterprise network marketing department is not, in fact, I want to say is the enterprise network marketing difficulties.

from a spectator analysis of these CEOs is how to treat the network marketing.

to look at some, if you have a feeling of deja vu.

the first: into the company, the boss to give you the task of writing a plan. But a month later, what you do is obviously going against your plan. The boss finally leave three words "the words up" to other forum posts more publicity "and" the company has a new product (new activities), you send to the company’s website publicity. "This became you after repeated every day to do.

second: "will post on the line," said the boss a lot of words, showing its importance to the network marketing.

third: don’t spend money, but also want the horse to run fast horse does not want to eat grass, unwilling to spend money to hire senior network marketing, there is no overall network marketing, network marketing scattered, not willing to spend money to buy marketing tools, promotion personnel exhausted, poor effect.

fourth: too much involved, when the boss is not very understanding of the network marketing knowledge in this area, often lead to differences, and even lead to false marketing orientation.

Fifth types of

: distrust, often the cause of conflict and slow execution.

all kinds of phenomena, how to treat the network marketing to a large extent determine the success or failure of network marketing. Indeed, nowadays many medium-sized enterprises network marketing is not very much but also earn a lot of money, but even if you are not going to participate in the Internet will also be involved, when you do not pay attention to when you are destined to be surpassed, when you increase the bargaining chip, you can go beyond the others, as the enterprise manager, whether should pay attention to from now on, and make reasonable adjustments. Find out the reasons for the weakness of the network marketing department, and discuss with the director of a comprehensive and effective and orderly network marketing program.

how to make your network marketing department full of energy. Maybe you can find some inspiration from my point of view.

1 you can give much room for development. Do not think that one day only know people posting is not the pursuit of what, also don’t think your company is so big, a network marketing department can have what development space, I personally think that even a small company, network marketing is unlimited space for development. Network marketing can enhance the value of your products in order to obtain the value of the cycle of repeated, continuous improvement. To a great extent

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