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March 4, 2017

      today is Sunday, arrived here to write, "but what pen and don’t know what to write. My only write website promotion story.

this website promotion that is easy to say in fact is not easy, as long as you master the way of publicity would be easy. But you do not have what good propaganda way is difficult.The promotion of

today about the movie website. Now just open the website, what will pop up free movie website. A window is out of order. The movie website was to bother. Even if you don’t want to go to the window. Click on the movie website may be the love you feel!

movie website do not spend money to do the advertisement flow is the same. This can be up to the webmaster hard point.

1 in QQ friends to publicity, publicity in high reliability. Some friends do not trust your friends think what you send. Trojan website are also afraid "to click, is generally not what good friends sent me the movie website I won’t go to the point.2

3 to the publicity to the actual situation of the website. Don’t make some political. So the owner not to review your site, then you still not what effect. Also delay your valuable time. If you do not understand what you can consult the QQ:9053225

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