f there is no search engine how to promote our website

March 4, 2017

for some reason yesterday, to help a forum to promote 100IP, to be completed in a day. I look at this simple, is not 100IP Ma, just under the mass QQ on the OK. But the truth is more difficult than I thought. I joined the 5 SEO group, of which there are 4 administrators, not stealth, a rough estimate of more than 200 people. I was in one of the 5 groups of hair, but in addition to the brothers who often chat together enough buddies, other people did not put a fart. More than an hour, the more than and 10 points. My psychological dark scold you, these people, when asking the questions asked than those who are positive, and I am also basically answer. Well, now you want to click on my web site, no one is willing to help. But I can only think of ways. To a few tens of minutes, what did not want to come out, the 100IP task actually beats me……

yeah. Leave SEO, I will be what? In reality, there are many sites simply rely on SEO is not viable. He does not like the word SEO Shenzhen, completely rely on SEO. Some sites such as shopping network, real estate network, life information network, etc., many of them rely on other ways to promote the line or combined. The role of SEO in these sites is only the most basic, can not play a dominant role in the promotion. Can not deny that SEO is a method of the most obvious effect of the website promotion, but sometimes this is bound to a threshold of our development. Because you will be SEO, so you almost all the energy on the SEO body, see this ranking is not up, tomorrow, and then see if there is no drop, the day after tomorrow is to exchange links, blog group, etc.. All the work seems to be on SEO. Without rankings, the site is in a state of paralysis. For small traffic stations, this understandable, but I see is one of the industry station, portal station, enterprise stations are only SEO. Other aspects have never been concerned. This has to let us reflect.

still remember in the first two years have not contact with SEO, when the first idea of the site is to promote the Internet, to the forum post, to other web sites, notify friends to patronize. The most primitive way to promote a web site, so that there is no search engine, the site can still survive. However, now with SEO, many sites are increasingly difficult to go on. Do friends chain is to rank, write content and want to intercept the flow, to other web site publicity is to leave the url. All the things for the ranking. However, we forget that the website is ultimately a visitor, not a search engine.

if there is no search engine without SEO I would like to focus on grassroots webmaster do stand, visitors first. Many ways to promote the site, perhaps it is time to get out of the small circle of SEO, the vision of the broader and further.

for many SEOer, the search engine is all of us. Every time we do a website, the first thing we think of is SEO, and the other method >

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