Mito’s APP why they can detonate overseas social network

March 3, 2017

recently, the United States and overseas companies continue to break through the good news. Before the Spring Festival, we reported how Meitu Xiu Xiu became popular in Europe and the United States in the night, during the Spring Festival, another product "Mito Mito company’s beauty camera" summit in Japan APP Store free list "and" video camera and single list two list.


in Japan’s social network, beauty camera is a scraper is because one is called "dizzy" purikura effects. This effect can turn anyone into a circle of eyes, a little cute, but also a bit ridiculous, give people the feeling is very strange.


so long dizzy effects


high frequency Instagram

special brushFrom January 27th

a Japanese KOL Instagram shared a self timer with the special effects, the effects associated with APP, soon attracted users to follow the trend of pursuit, formed a viral.

this popular repertoire sounds a bit familiar. Meitu Xiu Xiu has had success in the United States is on a similar path. But a closer look reveals two different stories. Is the most obvious, Meitu Xiu Xiu launched the "comic" in China was meant to become beautiful, but to Europe but because of potential accident popular spoof: no one can know a beautification function to let itself skin eyes big foreigners find new ways.

in Japan, "dizzy"; spread in the beauties of the planned and expected. "The launch of the dizzy effect is in line with the Japanese young people love the cultural characteristics of the two dimension." Beauty camera products for people told reporters 77 interface.


can not be ignored is the background, the Japanese purikura machines in young people, especially young girls are very welcome, which makes the whole industry vigorous development, most of the machine will be updated once a week effects. The beauty of the camera itself Datoutie function is consistent with the Japanese young people’s consumption habits. At this time, if the introduction of special effects enough to have new ideas, capture the probability of Japanese users will be greater.

on the other side, beauty camera in Japan became popular and product operations team localization attempts have great relevance, as if in the same update and high specific products, also strengthen the Japanese localization, and launched a New Year blessing function.


in Mito APP camp, the main operating center of Meitu Xiu Xiu and the beauty of the camera was placed in Chinese. However, according to the introduction of 77, and now in the introduction and promotion of new features have begun to consider the young people around the world. From the cultural background of the overseas region, the user self time habits and product characteristics, the United States and the United States as a global marketing opportunities, the United States is also a higher cost of overseas market development.