Talk about my weight loss website type analysis

March 3, 2017

weight loss website a lot, in order to facilitate the reference, according to different types, do the following classification:

1, a large health website, portal weight loss channel. There are two levels of directory, there are sub domain name. Such sites due to the obvious advantages of resources, whether it is the flow or search engine rankings, are significantly better than the weight of the site built by individual webmaster, accounting for 5% of all weight loss website. The main profit model: weight loss website cooperation fees, advertising fees. Promotion: very few active publicity, promotion, generally rely on the portal to bring a lot of traffic to attract businesses to advertise.

2, personal weight loss information website. Most of the reproduced or pseudo original articles, introduces the method of weight loss (exercise, acupuncture, massage, diet, weight loss (liposuction), obesity, weight loss harm knowledge, misunderstanding) properly optimized, get traffic from search engines, accounting for 50% of all weight loss website. Profit model: advertising alliance click advertising costs, part of the weight loss products. Promotion: search engine optimization, supplemented by a small amount of advertising.

3, weight loss products. This kind of web interface is very clear, the main page is a weight loss product guide area (currently more common is Herbalife, Kang Meike, Sibutramine slimming products), product pictures, slimming effect pictures visible before the eyes who want to lose weight, the crowd was very tempting, accounting for all the weight loss website 45%. Profit model: Sales weight loss product profit. Promotion: advertising, search engine optimization.

first site is obviously not suitable for most personal webmaster, that more is to establish second and the third kinds of weight loss website. Second kinds of weight loss website advantages: less investment, simple maintenance, disadvantages: profitability difficult. The advantages of third kinds of weight loss website: better profitability, disadvantages: high investment, not easy to start.

above is my weight loss industry some of the basic analysis, there is no place please forgive me!

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