Why many companies have not yet launched a social marketing

March 3, 2017


read a few days ago, "Mandy", "the era of universal endorsement brand new logic", the article is quite agree with the view, so the recent thought of something to record.

traditional marketing on social media

before Facebook, all brands are bored in the traditional means of doing marketing, racking their brains to do creative, advertising in the mass media, to attract more people to know, and then establish goodwill, purchase, maintenance and user loyalty.

when the consumer media consumption habits change, when you spend more time on social media such as Facebook, each brand head feel the threat from social media, "it feels like when Jay Chou first became famous for Emil Chau their feelings, do not know how to deal with, but that era people are the same is inevitable.

The only thing

can do is, in a variety of social media as a public registered account, home page, mini-site, recruiting operations, that is to establish channels of communication or transmission positions worth mentioning, but do not collect six or seven social media accounts, all feel shy to say hello.

brand in the social media to do what? Plus powder is the first thing, the most simple is to pay attention to + + + draw. The second dish is their favorite "I said you listen" one-way communication, say what the brand story. But soon found that the fans do not buy it.

brand head began to call "interaction", social media operators began to be "praise" and "criticism" and "forward" digital indicators. Then people began to study what social media are most interactive, all the people began to find what piece carry off all that one has, what is social gender constellation gossip, on the topic of what, today you send me tomorrow. This stuff is exhausted in less than half a year.

I think, this kind of "pleasing" approach is not the right way to establish communication, but will make the brand become cheaper and featureless.

how does the idea last?

at this time, there is a typical case of terrible, Durex and BMW.


people hooked transmission case let the brand feel find straw: the original in social media is to play creative "! Then, brands have been brought into another vortex, viral video, micro film, instant creative popular, these companies also earn basin full bowl full. However, we have not noticed, a year down, you can remember the video and creativity is not more than 5, to share with people less than 5. A large number of so-called creative help brand dashuipiao.

I think the idea of brand marketing to be creative is speculative and will ultimately fail. Any persistent communication behavior, can not be mixed with the accidental element