1 billion dollar club exposure nventory of new board those cock fried days

March 3, 2017

valuation of $1 billion, marking a startup has become very rare star company. Three new board is a small and medium enterprises to live in, but in the three new board, valuation (market capitalization) $1 billion of the company, may be more than you think.

according to read the new three board research center data, three new board valuation (market value) of more than 1 billion U.S. dollars of the company has 30, the total market capitalization of $73 billion 725 million 540 thousand. Need to be reminded that, in order to facilitate the statistics, read the RMB exchange rate of 6.5 yuan.

so, the new three board in the $1 billion club, who have



notes: 1, branch of China Merchants, Silicon Valley paradise, Donghai securities and Nanjing securities transfer way for agreement, but in the two secondary market trading is very active, the market value is relatively close to the real level of valuation, so the market value is calculated. 2, Hengda culture is delisted. 3, ST Championships is Nanfu battery.

is the top 1 billion companies in the $10 Club:

1 Jiuding group (430719.OC), $15 billion 700 million

as the new board of the largest company in 102 billion 500 million, Jiuding market value is $15 billion 700 million, $1 billion to become the first club. But facing the pressure of market capitalization will resume trading Jiuding, how to change, is still unknown.

2 Shenzhou car (838006.OC), $6 billion 545 million

as a new board upstart, China excellent car has not yet listed has been concerned. China excellent car from July 22nd after the listing, making second new board chair. According to the closing price of November 1st, the market value of China excellent car reached 42 billion 500 million yuan, or about $6 billion 545 million.

3 Silicon Valley Paradise (833044.OC), $3 billion 913 million

Silicon Valley paradise the latest round of fixed price increase of 30 yuan, after the ex dividend is 10 yuan, according to the fixed price calculation, Silicon Valley paradise valuation should reach 44 billion 332 million yuan. However, as a share of the agreement, the daily turnover of Silicon Valley paradise is very active, so the market value of the two market is closer to the true valuation of Silicon Valley paradise. According to the closing price of the two market in November 1st, the market value of Silicon Valley paradise was $25 billion 439 million, equivalent to $3 billion 913 million.

4 Hengda culture (834899.OC), $3 billion 77 million

in January of this year to cancel the fixed growth, Hengda culture set the price reached 33.33-50 yuan / share, according to the lowest 33.33 yuan calculation, the valuation of Hengda culture of $19 billion 998 million, equivalent to $3 billion 77 million. However, Hengda culture has been prepared from the new three board delisting, may soon be out of the $1 billion club.