Video website advocate original program do single Porter

March 3, 2017


video website is more and more, such as we are familiar with Iqiyi, Thunder KanKan, youku.com and tudou.com. We often use the premise, but can not help but for the development of these video sites have doubts. Because it is not difficult to find, some films released the basic video website is roughly the same, only the selected site speed has become the user to select the conditions, but the video site only porters, what is your permanent

a secure job?

video website advocate the original program do single Porter

The development trend of

video website

before the statistical data is not difficult to see that the professional video website youku.com and tudou.com as the representative, in fact their biggest main income is to rely on advertising, is the main user while watching the video, there are commercials, suspended advertising, or exclusive title etc.. In fact, the development trend of the video site is still relatively backward, relying solely on advertising revenue is very one-sided, and for the future development of the video site, I believe it is more distant thing.

held in Guangzhou yesterday in the video web site 56 customer promotion conference, vice president, everyone’s 56 Network General Manager Zhou Juan in an interview with reporters, said: " video website must have the original content difference, not only television and film companies’ Porter’." Zhou’s view in fact, the development trend is at the video site, because we can not deny that any one platform needs a constraint condition to other industries, become the monopoly industries.

of course, for video sites, if it is difficult to monopolize now. After all, the video site to push the video is basically provided by the television station. By this point, if you want to override the video website on television is very difficult, after all, the video site is no way to do so to get the first hand information, unless the TV plays and movies are not want to make money.

video website advocate original program

video site is the need for new information, any platform can not simply rely on other platforms derived. Want to have an industry can not be replaced, must be able to monopolize the market. And this is precisely the current video site can not do, so that the video site should advocate the original program to attract more user attention, in order to really have their own place.

, for example, to create a number of related columns, and introduced a number of micro film, allowing users to play freely, while pushing out the appropriate selection award, will get a different response. At the same time, such activities, greatly enhance their brand image, increase brand awareness, while beyond the other peers. In fact, the video site is not necessarily a copy of all, not just a show of perspective, if the initiative to the user, I believe will get more revenue.

original, starting: http://s.www.cc->

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