United States take away and hungry to play what kind of subsidies to consider drops taxi taxi mode

March 2, 2017

today in the United States for the first time a single called a takeaway, the reason is "the first single minus 10 yuan, but the result is that the default payment is paid no attention to" meal to payment ", directly submit orders, results, missed the first single from 10 yuan discount (only support online payment, second) when using online payment and missed the first single".


summary is: the loss of their own negligence, the United States to take away the new user experience is not enough to do a good job.

"eat" is never done business, "feed" is the natural difficult and pleasing source, recently, hungry newly financing 350 million yuan, Tencent, Jingdong, public comment, Sequoia strong shot collar vote, after the U.S. group and U.S. group purchase subsidies subsidies, wealthy people began to self willed the.

is the same as group purchase website, U.S. corporations choose to exit their "U.S.", and public comment is the choice of investment hungry, however, staggering is that the Jingdong was also interested in selling foreign investment Tencent (a public comment, then investment hungry is Sequoia Capital sector is no ground for blame. Of course is the investment which should be, but the mall is a Jingdong started by 3C).

so the money is not the United States and the United States after the collection of money hungry, and now what to do in the United States at the end of the article to take away to do an example to illustrate: the United States to take away the subsidies in the group, hungry, and so on. The early accumulation of users, the United States takeaway and hungry do not forget. Because at any time, the way of low margin is the most attractive means of promotion, which is the reason for the popularity of low-cost subsidies.

The relative heat

but low margin after what remains of users has become the most difficult, the viscosity significantly decreased after the taxi software boom object would be a public criticism, but it is undeniable that the taxi drops persistent taxi coupons, to great effect to enhance the user viscosity.

don’t talk about U.S. user experience, hungry brand awareness in the takeaway industry is an inevitable trend under the background of "user" enthusiasm is the fundamental operation, and the most direct way is to maintain continued subsidies? To egg for long, occasionally not to blame. Give a grateful or not. Therefore, the subsidy is more like an endless vicious spiral, because, at present, has not seen the success of profit from the case.

finally, in the use of the United States to take out and hungry, after all, we would like to Tucao: why not like a taxi drops have been like a taxi coupons?.

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