Station half a month for Baidu Google Yahoo included summary

March 2, 2017

after more than half a month of hard work, built small push me finally after Google, after Yahoo was formally included in the promotion of Baidu, this period of time, discovered the over all the search engine, we put some small experience for everyone to share.

first website built after, I began to make some proper investigation, mainly consider feature words, the features of word choice in many webmaster nets have been introduced, I do not wordy. Here we should pay attention to is the slowest included Baidu (master models), GOOGLE most active (about two days will be a time).

for feature words, here I want to say to you is a number of keywords want to ranking processing method. For the promotion of a number of feature words, for example, for example, use the " website (http://s.www.tuituiwo.cn); push me " and " push me " the two key words, the first time I focus on pushing " push me, " here I try to optimize the layout, the outstanding words, this spider is the word as a web site keywords row in view, a few Heaven GOOGLE " push me " has been included, then focus on the promotion of the main keywords " push me " to start a fight, then I put the corresponding original " push me " optimization the whole page downgrade, pushing me to highlight the " " feature words, and with blogs, forums, with the main keywords soft " push me ", after several rounds of toss, every time the Google array, often put the word Also included, ha ha, just to catch up with Baidu vintage car, just put the word will also be included.


also talk about should pay attention in the promotion of the first time, Baidu, GOOGLE, Yahoo to focus on promotion of their website rankings and included the situation to make engines for their site, the most primitive methods, is in the engine often nothing happens on the input keywords and their own web site this is good for collection. In addition, because the GOOGLE included the best, so they are dominated by GOOGLE, the sensitivity analysis of the engine, and the search engine included reverse link specific information containing the domain name, these data will follow it in hand, the BBS BBS, the little comment on the comment, will want to write soft play play as much as possible the. Finally, the key point is that the opponent’s analysis. Promotion is like war, in order to fight ranking sometimes and rival tug of war, then you have to analysis of feature words to the top ranked opponent is a top-level domain name or other two domain or motley crew, if the motley crew, you are lucky, you can in the back with him Bo bo.

finally talk about a small episode, Baidu’s own blog included slow, Sina blog included >

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