Content user ecosystem or the best way to realize content

March 2, 2017

Abstract: with the strength of the content, the user’s autonomy, the establishment of a content + user ecosystem is perhaps the ultimate weapon to achieve the realization of knowledge.

February 6th, "offline" official website posted a notice, "offline" magazine announced the closure of. Subsequently, WeChat circle of friends is the beginning of the memory of the offline message. Many people lamented the "offline" publication at the same time, also lamented the content of entrepreneurship is not easy. As many products say when they say goodbye to the user, offline offline also uses the tone that we will eventually meet again. Although some words do not give up, but there is a hint of helplessness.

content charges are therefore offline has become a lot of people are thinking about the problem, but also led to the realization of the contents of the re reflection. Many people will be in 2017 as the content of the year is approaching the age of tuyere, after depth development through the Internet and cultivate the reading habits of users, pay already seems to be logical. However, the era of content pay is really coming?.

content payment final pricing in content

pay is a logical thing, as we use the utilities will pay the same sort of chapter. But behind all this really logical, a final transaction is commodity scarcity and necessity. Get from the current output and the content point of view, the relationship between the logical content pay apparently did not reach this level.

The diversity of

content acquisition channels determines that content is not scarce. The Internet has brought about many changes in our lives, but also allows us to access to information channels continue to expand. The traditional use of paper-based information to access the information era has long gone, turned into the Internet, paper-based reading based access. The addition of the Internet so that the narrow channel of access to information has gradually expanded, only the Internet side of WeChat, micro-blog, APP, various types of professional websites and many other types.

The diversity of

‘s access to the channel determines that people no longer rely on a certain way, or subscribe to a magazine or newspaper, to get content and information. Based on the content of the mobile Internet access to the form is far beyond the traditional newspapers and magazines can not reach the scope of reaching the traditional era inaccessible areas. Get content from the form of traditional origin by a divergence, change into divergent chain type under the condition of Internet, every point in this chain is an origin, they have another origin, then through the origin and divergent one by one.

this form of communication to create a people can get information from different points, the original only a single origin of the spread of information, into the tens of thousands of points can be spread. These tens of thousands of points is one after another channel, users can access the content through these channels. The age of the Internet, the mode of information dissemination

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